Sharing my spark of creativity:Photo collage

One day while walking on the beaches in North Carolina, my cousin had a fabulous idea to start photographing things that looked like letters of the alphabet, so we searched for things that could make up any letter of the alphabet. 

Fast forward a few months, I was at a fun little chic shop in Chicago and saw “CHICAGO” spelled out with different pieces of the city.  They did steal real letters from marquees or sign to help fill in the missing piece.  I thought to myself….I can do this.

Thus one LONG afternoon in Interstate Park with the fiance I decided to start my collection.  I was able to find all the letters to my last name.  As a Christmas gift I arranged the letters into a frame and gave it to my dad to hang above their new mantle.  Just to give you an idea of what it looks like here are the individual pictures I used. (In case you have difficulty seeing it at first it spells out FOSTER)


A few tips I found to be helpful:

  • Don’t be afraid to zoom in, or work with the close up feature on your camera.
  • Take multiple shots of the same items, maybe switch up the angle to see which photo looks the best in the end
  • Look at little and big things and the possibilities they offer.  I once found a Ferris wheel that was an awesome O, but I’ve also found the smallest cracks in the sidewalk can make a hard to find Q be perfect. Try to be diverse in your selection of letters.  Makesure to get muliple pictures of the same letters in a variety of environments (urban, nature, funky, stark).
  • Play with the coloring.  I found that the S (path) didn’t work at all in Black and white, but the others stood out much more.  Also playing with the contrast and brightness can really add to the sharpness of the letter.  (I should note, I’m far from a professional photographer- there are many others out there that would be more versed in sharing their expertice than I).
  • Finding frames to display them can be the one of the most difficult things.  I was lucky enough to find a frame with 6 slots for this gift, but others I have had to buy individual frames and display them next to each other.  Think outside the box.  I’ve also made photo mosaics with the larger collage frames and inserted other photographs that captured the essence of the word.  It turns it into a bit more a of mosaic look, but also very fun
  • Have fun with it.  There is nothing that is unreasonable.  I’ve made this into and unintentional weekend (camping weekend with friends).  Sometimes others see things differently than you, go with it. 
  • I keep a file in “my pictures” just with alphabets, and as you acquire more sort them into genre files to help you find a specific type of letter when you need it. 

Hope you enjoy it.  Please share your work if you have or do so in the future.



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2 responses to “Sharing my spark of creativity:Photo collage

  1. That’s awesome! I LOVE LOVE it. seriously, I am going to do that I think.

  2. Sweetness…do share your end product!

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