A few glimpses to entice your wedding excitement…

I’ve been a good bride to be lately.  I’ve hunkered down and spent a few days making check marks on my to-do list ( which is pure exhileration for me)!  I’m a DIY bride who is making most of the needed supplies for the wedding.  I’ll be sharing pictures of the the things Do-It-Yourself such the invites, bouquets, centerpieces, card box, ipod reception play lists, and bridesmaids and mother’s gifts, when I get around to it.  For now here’s a few glimpse of all the things I didn’t do myself.

Hairstyle- thanks to Kelly she posted her hair inspiration which was exactly what I was looking for.  Here’s what I’m getting.  My hair is extremely little (thin & fine) so my friend Summer, who also happens to be my hair stylist is getting some extensions…I can look like a movie star now (tehee) or not! 


Honeymoon: Originally we planned all-inclusive, beach destination.  Thanks to teachers schedule 4 night just doesn’t cut it…so we opted for plan B.  Stay inside the border for our first honeymoon, then take a 2-3 week REAL honeymoon next June/July.  The ground rules were: we needed to be near water, I wanted something nicer than what we would normally do, and it needed to be cheaper than the price of the all-inclusive deal ($834 per person).  Thanks to Julia, I was re-introduced to San Diego.  Here’s what we ended up with:

Direct Flights from Chicago Midway to San Diego for 2 adults, total price with taxes and fees:$485.80
Economy car for 4 days pick up and drop off at San Diego airport: $157.58
2 nights at this amazing resort just North of San Diego: $161.82

And here’s all the fun stuff we can do (after we chill for a day or maybe 2):
Area Attractions
Legoland – 18.0 miles
Balboa Park – 29.0 miles
Wild Animal Park – 21.0 miles
The Wine Country – 11.0 miles
Old Town Temecula – 9.0 miles
Mount Palomar Observatory – 18.0 miles
Glen Ivy Hot Springs & Club Mud – 34.0 miles

The remaining 2 nights we are spending in the heart of San Diego at a regular old chain hotel to save some money.  ($110.28)
We opted to devote the money saved in our hotel toward some fun attractions (the fiance has never travelled so there are tons of possibilities) or on some delicious food.  I’ve been to San Diego several times and know quite a few GOOD SPOTS to go with little to no research needing to e done.  We also have friends out there who have suggested some- “Have to do/go” type places. 

Our flight and car were booked on Hotwire.  I have an entertainment book, so our hotels were booked through their site – it might be worth getting a book just to get the travel discount.  We’ve saved several hundred dollars throughout the course of the year (a good $30 investment).

In case you aren’t familiar with San Diego, maybe this will give you a better idea:

Wedding Dress- Simmer down I’m not posting a complete picture of it yet….I have a little bit of traditionalism in me yet and the fiance has not seen it. 

I bought the on ebay- and was totally expecting to get scammed, but figured it was worth the try.The bidding price was $19.29 the dress was custom made according to my measurements, it came in the mail from China within a month and it was absolutely was posted on ebay…which was perfect and I was having a bugger of time trying to find the elements I wanted.  I might say, that the train is longer than I ever anticipated wearing, and the puffy princess dress wasn’t something I saw myself wearing, but after trying a few on in the stores, this dress is perfect!

There will be some elements of suprise the day of! So here are some little pieces…



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2 responses to “A few glimpses to entice your wedding excitement…

  1. Carrie’s hair is beautiful! Too bad my hairdresser chopped my bangs, so I didn’t end up going with that style 😦

    San Diego will be awesome! I loved it there. Mission Beach was fun. I remember we ate at this little (i mean tiny) beach restaurant called Kono’s that was delicious and supposedly really popular.

    Can’t wait to see the dress!

  2. Love the hair style choice! Very elegant, definitely meant for a wedding! Congrats on the engagement and have the time of your life at your wedding. It’s time for you to be a princess!!!

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