DIY wedding invites have been sent!

40 days and counting from today and I realized as the RSVP’s are pouring in that I never posted my glorious job of Do-It-Yourself wedding invites.  Prior to wedding duties, buying a house and dog I was an avid scrapbooker and I made lot of cards with rubber stamps.  So the idea of making my own invites sounded fun, and in all honesty, it really wasn’t that bad. 

While looking through a magazine I found an ad for with an invite that provided my inspiration for the layout I planned on using for our invites:

I was researching some website to buy my paper and I found the best deals at The Paper Mill Store.  I just bought the Ivory Linen 8.5 x 11 paper (500 sheets) with matching A2 Ivory Linen Envelopes (250) for under $50.  There was plenty of paper to use for the program and who know what else, and I figured the extra envelopes would come in handy for thank you or just making card in general.  I was pretty psyched when the package arrived, only to be completely bummed when I realized the envelopes I ordered were going to be too small for my inspirational invite.  So…I played around and got it to work out. 

while I’m on the topic of paper, I ended up orderring 4 packs of 12×12 Chocolate Chip Cardstock from Stampin up ($7.50 for a pkg of 20), and 40 pieces of Archiver’s Blush Pink and Old Olive cardstock ($0.29 each, however if you get on their mailing list you get coupons for 5 free pieces every month, I only ended up buying 20 pieces of each).  I had most of the funky scissors and paper cutters already, the stamp pads to match the colors I had chosen, and anything else I’m forgetting to mention at this point.  Along the way I did end up buying a corner punch with embosser for $7 (with 30% discount coupon of course) and 2 stamp sets from Archiver’s- an alphabet, and Basic Grey’s two scoops/flower swash, both were $14.99 ($10.50 after 30% coupon- I might have paid full price for one of them?!?!).  I also picked up a few rolls of ivory organza ribbon when ever it was on sale, which I think I ended up using 4 rolls of ribbon ($1.99 each) I also used 2 cartridges of ink…although I printed much more than just wedding invites in the 6 month time frame that this project was spread. I have an Epson Stylus R300 so each cartridge is replaced individually and they run about $12 a piece, in all fairness I likely spent over $80 on ink for the invites, since only a few needed to be replaced more than once. The final expense for making the invites was adhesive, which I use TOMBO permanent refillable adhesive, which I buy in bulk (I seriously use it that much for scrappin and stampin) so they run about $2 each, and I went through 5.

We’ll see how that all pans out in the end…here were the results

Front of Invite

Front of InviteInside of Invite

Actual invite wording

Actual invite wording

Close up of the inserts held inside the invite

Close up of the inserts held inside the invite

RSVP Postcard

RSVP Postcard

Guest Envelope

Guest Envelope

I played around with all the page layouts by making text boxes in Word.  I was able to print both the RSVP and the actual invite next to each other on the ivory linen paper, and fit 2 of each per printed page.  Thus my 4 cent paper actually cost 2 cents per invite. The same was true with the accommodations and map and directionsinserts.  As you might have noticed, I alternated with pink and green so that each invite had both colors, but not necessarily in the same spot.  Some had pink accommodations and another had a pink map and directions. Again cutting the 29 cent cost per sheet to 15 cents per invite (but remember I also got 40 sheets free, which produced enough inserts for 40 invites) Doing the math I only paid for the carsdtock for the inserts of 80 invites. The chocolate chip 12×12 cardstock I was able to also get 2 cut per sheet.  Each invite measured at 5 1/2 by 9 7/8.  The folds were scored at 4 3/8 and 8 3/4 in order to make everything fold up to fit into the envelope.  The RSVP postcard (helped save on postage) was matted on the brown cardstok as well and I was able to get 6 postcard per sheet of 12×12 cardstock…so I could 30 invites per package of 20.  I created a custom page size to print all the address on the front and our return address on the back.  I used the Vivaldi font throughout and used a custom color for the brown font color as well. 
In the end each invite cost 89 cents plus postage of 42 cents for the guest envelope and 27 cents for the RSVP postcard (postage was 2/3 the cost of the invite) for a grand total of $1.58 per invite.  I ended up making a total of 94 invitations. I should note I also made 20 postcard for invites to the reception only, but no pictures are posted here. I have lots of extra left over for the ceremony programs and the place cards/table assignments for the reception.  All in all I spent under $200 to print and assemble my own invites…pretty good considering the invites I shown above retail for $538 for $100 invites excluding postage!
If anyone is interested in more specifics let me know and I can get you the templates or other info.  Maybe one of these days I’ll post our bouquets.  Next project…. you’ll have to wait and see 🙂


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4 responses to “DIY wedding invites have been sent!

  1. Those invitations are awesome! Great job!

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  4. Jenny

    I would live more information on how you made your invitations! Especially the dimensions for each card in the pocket. How did you make the big pocket part?

    I tried ordering these exact invitations this week and Carlson Craft quoted me $1200!!! I said no thank you. I’m not paying more for paper than I did on my wedding dress!

    Please help!

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