Did I hear Book Club?

I awoke Saturday afternoon while peacefully emerging from the raft at our labor day weekend retreat.  I noticed my aunt with her nose stuck in a book while floating along the wake in a kayak.  Without much hesitation I shout…”Isn’t that a good book?”


It is rare for me to pick up a book and complete it before it is off the bestseller list.  (you might have noticed from my continuous posts from January and beyond of my latest read and fascination with Eat, Pray, Love…of which I have yet to finish). So imagine my excitement when she replied, “I’m just getting into it.  It’s our next book read.” 


The Book: A Long Way Gone Memoirs of a Boy Soldier.  Not exactly the happy go lucky type of read, you might be able to make a few assumptions, but there were times when I literally couldn’t put it down!


 Either way, I read the WHOLE thing, cover to cover a few months ago….and now there is a book club that is reading this book.  Thus, the email to my aunt today:


When and Where can I meet you for that book club thing?  I’ve always envied them and try to be noble and intelligent, but darn if I’m always 3 months behind in reading the book.  I actually read that book cover to cover, could put it down for a bit.  Hmm…So now I’m realizing I’ve never actually been to a book club, what do you do there?  Do I have to study or anything…is it like Dramatic Literature where we over-analyzed every word and metaphor…cause that doesn’t sound like so much fun. Can we drink wine?

Folks, I might be embarking on a new and exciting life adventure.  Can anyone share your expertise in the book club world? 


Stay tuned!


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