Home-made wedding

Well folks, I’m married!  But I can’t quite spill all the details yet, as I am weeks behind in my posts leading up to the big day.  But I will say everything about it was absolutely perfect!

I am a huge Do-it-yourself kind of girl, and actually my husabnd is too…except on a different level.  He can build things with hardware.  Maybe it’s just easier if I show you through pictures. 

 I had it in my head since we were getting married outside at my parents house that I needed something to be the focal point by which we would stand during the ceremony.  I shared these brief ideas with the man and here’s what I got (he whipped this up in  a day):

Since the ceremony was held at my parent’s house and many guests had never been, I felt I need to provide some direction to help them along.  My dad happened to have some barn boards.  Our wedding was an outdoorsy-bit of rustic touch….so these were the perfect touch.  I only have pictures on the one sign but there were several.

As I was searching for the outdoorsy type decor…I came across a old fashioned wooden wheelbarrow.  It was perfect touch to act as a planter.  The man saw the price and adamantly refused (I’ll get to our budget at a later post).  He agreed he could make one…hence I got this to act double duty as a planter and hold one of the signs to direct people where to go.

My mom was all over the landscaping.  She put together a variety of planters to fit the occasion…here’s a few glimpses of some autumn planters in case you are curious.

And of course there are all those pesky little details that you need for the reception.  Being thrifty and wanting a personal and coordinated feel I made my own card box rather than renting one for $25.  (Made it for roughly $5.00)

I coordinated the papers from the Luxury Stack of card stock…thus the card box, programs, seating assignments, name tags, and pinwheels as the centerpiece for the kids activity table were coordinated to match.  I didn’t use the same papers for everything, but rather papers with design relevant to our color scheme (which broadened as the wedding progressed…I’d have a hard time telling you what our colors were at this point).  But here’s a few samples to help make sense of all it all.  The seating chart and table assignment name tags were made from the scraps from other projects.

Okay, I think there are enough pictures for one post.  Please stay tuned for other home made projects which include: wedding flowers and bouquets, bridesmaid/parents/flower girl gifts, kids activity table and kids activity bags.  Eventually I can post on how it all came together…complete with details and wedding day photos.  I’ll also post some details of our wedding budget since that can often cause a lot of stress…I’ll give you a hint, we came in well under $10,000 which was our planned budget. 

Hope to see you again 🙂



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2 responses to “Home-made wedding

  1. “official” congrats Heidi! I can’t wait to see more photos. Thanks for sharing all these budget-friendly tips – I’ll keep them in mind for some day…

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