Movin’ on Up

Let’s go back a few months.  You might remember this post.  That was our house, and I’m pretty sure that was last year, or close enough.  Literally ages ago I fell in love with this house.  And I never got to share with you the excitement of getting this house.

As you may know, after owning a house in Chicago, going back to an apartment in Wisconsin can be a huge downer.  Then merging household with the fiance made things all the more cramped.  So while packing to move for the 14 time in 10 years…true story and exactly why my family really preferred to have nothing to do with the move.  However knowing that I had a fiance who doesn’t jump state to state each year was reassuring that this might mean I was settling down. 

Having the day off I was rather insistent that we schedule the closing no earlier than 9 AM.  But as you can see…

I was up earlier than planned.  In fact at this point I was already up well over an hour.  So early that I had the rare opportunity to see this…

 the sun RISE.  But, I was very proud, much of what needed to be done that morning was already done as you can see by the looks of the office…

and the dining room…

And then it was time to sign away our life for the next several years and be tied to a mortgage (which is 110x greater than paying the rent I might add). 

Alas…home sweet home

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