Must Love Boys…and camouflage

I gave Brent the option of deciding 3 things HE wanted for the wedding.  This one topped the list.  Once he found out I was okay with it and actually like the idea, it somewhat consumed how we planned the wedding.  As you can see, he decided the guys would wear camouflage tuxes. 

I just thought I’d share a few fun pics of the guys at our wedding sporting their lovely camouflage.  I wanted things to be more comfortable and casual so I didn’t have many pictures of them with their jackets on…plus it was 80 degrees that day. (pretty lucky for October)

(Note the ladder in the back was for our photographer who needed to be on the roof to get a shot of EVERYONE at the ceremony raising their champagne glasses…gotta love a photographer who adds some adventure to his duties!)

I’m quite certain this was the guys (and few girls) singing “Family Tradition” toward the later hours of the evening!

PS the other 2 things he choose (after I suggested them) were for me to have deer antlers in my bouquet and Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.


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