Revealing our wedding pics

Okay, I’m STILL waiting in anticipation for the day I can have ALL pcitures from ALL people in my inbox, but in the mean time a few more “candids” were shared.  I’m sure once the photographers come I’ll be drooling puddles, based off the slideshow they put together of our day at the reception…mm…can we say magical. 

But onward ho:


I don’t know where I got this idea from, but when I was explaining what I wanted to do to my dad…he mentioned he had a few barn boards laying around (leave it to dad to have those!)  To keep it simple with the outdoor feel I passed on all offers to have some letters cut out and instead opted to just free hand the painting.  The Milk jug has been the stool we sat on to talk on the phone at my parents for years, and a few folliage from Michael’s- Viola!


Same concept different design.

The Ceremony took place in my parents back yard, so we rented a tent in the event of cruel and unusual punishment–bad weather.  It ended up being helpful to shade the guest from the intense sun that day.brent-happily-awaits


I love my mom’s expression here, and seeing the guys in the back round..


When we announced our wedding to my parent’s- well my dad already told my mom that Brent asked permission…either way it sparked an opportunity for my mom to get the porch she’s been waiting for.  Brent, being the handy man he is, with the help of a few others, whipped up this lovely entrance for me and all the girls. 



Struggling to find a good focal point in the yard, I had Brent construct an arbor which can be reused in our back yard.  I pulled together some grapevine, a few dried hydrangeas (spray painted gold glitter), added some fall foliage garland and a few other randoms…and I was able to create a swag to pull together the much needed missing element.


My flower girls are 2 of my nieces who I feel like are my own children.  We have a pretty close relationship.  I found their dresses on ebay for $25.  I had some left over swatch fabric from the bridesmaid dresses that I had considered making into a sash for them, but in the end it was one of the things that I let go of.  They were so excited to be a part of the wedding, and in fact wanted to pose for every picture.  Someone caught them in their innocence.



Meanwhile, my youngest niece danced in the corner



Not knowing what the weather might be like, I opted not to have a unity candle.  In my mind if the candle blew out it would be a bad omen or something, so instead we opted for a “natural” aspect of a sand ceremony.  The 2 side vases with the sand were cheapies from Wal-mart, and the pedastal and “Love” vase were from Hobby Lobby.  Our pastor had a neat message with this to the fact that much like the sand we poured into one vase would never be seperated again, much like the unity of our marriage, blended to create something new and more beautiful than before. 


I convinced my brother to sing, and while he didn’t want to be in the front of everyone singing, we made a concession he could stand outside the tent.  One of my cousins snatched this picture through the window of the tent.  He sang “The Wedding Song, There is Love” by Peter Paul & Mary.  It was the same song sung during my parents wedding 35 years ago.


Following the sand ceremony while my brother was still singing, we ventured to give each of our parents a hug.  Finished up the ceremony with the kiss and the announcement of the new Mr. & Mrs. Brent and I headed back into the house while the wedding party and ushers lined everyone up outside the house.


We did not do a formal receiving line, instead an alley was created for us to walk down as our guests blew bubbles into the air.  Once we reached the end of the alley we had an informal reception and champagne toast before the family and wedding party began pictures. 





At this point the photographer got up on the roof to get a picture of everyone toasting…hence the ladder in the back.  I don’t have the pic yet to share with you! (it’s coming)



Our only Grandparent left… This is a pretty special picture for me, I’m glad someone snapped it, even better…

…getting marriage advice from the “old Man” himself 🙂

Then a few traditional family photos…


There, do you feel like you were there?

(Photos displayed were taken by Karen Laedtke, Beth Van de Loo, Amy Foster, Rich Jun, and Diane Moser)



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5 responses to “Revealing our wedding pics

  1. I love your wedding!! All of your home made details were so creative and turned out awesome, and you were a beautiful bride! Congrats!!

  2. those are so great so far!

  3. I LOVE your pictures!!! What a beautiful day! And your dress! And your hair! Eeee!


    So excited for you.

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