Rock the Reception…Ipod style

In my opinion I’ve never seen an “outstanding” DJ…they are all pretty much the same, some just have a few more bells and whistles.  Thus, a  DIY bride who hates DJ’s and on a budget.  Thankfully this girl had some connections.  What might they be???

An ipod+brother’s sound equipment+brother’s friend= Ipod reception.  Cost $236

A few tricks to keep in mind- Ipods don’t take requests so well the night of the reception.  I sent out a request inquiry to friends and family to gather feedback. What songs did THEY want to hear or dance to at our reception?  Lucky for me I already owned the ginormous ipod (40 GB).  When I received some request for the good ole 80’s music I thought I better scavenge through my own collection of cd’s and search my existing ipod library before purchasing any songs.  Much to my delighment, I had almost every song that was requested.  I only ended up purchasing $16 worth in itunes (and I don’t know if I even included all those into the playlists)

The difficult part was creating the playlists.  Being the controlling bride I was (or not) I needed to organize the songs in the order I wanted them played, keeping in mind that my hip-hop might not be the best way to start the party and get my “older”relatives on the dance floor.  Also keeping in mind I needed to add some song that perhaps I didn’t like, at the request of others…my concession was the Chicken Dance.  I organized my playlist in “time frames.”  For example, dinner music was 1 playlist, first dance until 8 PM another, dollar dance to Grand March, Grand March until the end.  I interspersed slow songs for all the couples to gallivant to the dance floor in each playlist, also kept in mind who my audience would be throughout the night (the younger rowdier crowd is more likely to stick it out through the end).

The next piece, having a brother who was in a band and has connections, helped.  His friend works for a music store…his friend also being our MC…scored all the equipment we needed.  I did end up renting some fun lights to add to the party for $20.  Throughout the night the MC and I gauged how we were doing with time and occasionally skipping over a few songs to stay within our time frames playlists. 

Now with out any further ado…here’s the reception (amateur style) and a few songs from our playlists.


Electric Slide a wedding classic

I don’t know the song- but who cares, gotta love how cute my brother and his family are 🙂



Unchained Melody believe it or not.  Megs and I have classy dance moves for sappy romantics songs.  There might be more to this story- but not significant enough for you to find the humor that we do in it.
All Summer Long
apparently we are fond of Kid Rock

Could this be Vanilla Ice?  Or just 2 of my lovely yahoos sporting moves from the early 90’s.

Girls, Girls, Girls…
yes indeed these are my girls!

Sometimes you don’t even need music to dance!  Aren’t they so precious 🙂

Men In Black  The official start to our Grand March.  As a word of caution, while the sunglasses might add the desired touch, it also adds an element of danger.  The guys were quite blind when trying to sport their greatest dance moves.   Bring on the ladies…



As you may recall the playlist from grand march to the end allowed for some good times with the younger crowd (although I must add the accoustics were perfect for those who chose to do this instead…)


Last but not least…


Some good ole’ fashion drinking songs….Pretty sure this was Family Tradition

Paradise by the Dashboard Light  No party is complete without a kick line or the attempt!

It was a long day and some crashed and burned before the party came to an end…

(Photos displayed were taken by Beth Van de Loo, Rich Jun, and Holly Waterman)


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