Gotta LOVE Oprah! (Free Stuff for people who love scrapbooking)

On the rare occasion that a) I was at the gym yesterday, and b) I was watching Oprah while in the woman’s locker room…I heard this wonderful announcement:

On Oprah’s Clean Up Your Messy House Tour, you saw how our custom cover photo books easily organize and showcase everything from your favorite photos to your children’s artwork. Now you can get organized too!

That’s right, Thanks to Oprah we have 48 hours (less than that now) to create a FREE 8 x 11 photobook($30 value).  I just thought I’d throw the idea out there, you know with the holidays coming and all might make a great holiday gift for friends, family….you newlyweds who are looking for something personal to give to parents or others, or maybe you are getting married and looking for gift ideas for a member of your wedding party.  Do you save ALL of your kids artwork and have no IDEA what to do with it all…scan it in and create a book. 

But hurry the offer ends tomorrow (Friday, Nov.14th)

Here’s how to get it:
Go to Snapfish, their homepage (before you sign up or login, there is a little circle that states “oprah viewers click here” then follow the instructions.  Have fun make sure to link to post any beautiful creations.  I don’t have a photobook from snapfish to share, but I have created similar digital photobooks before….See (skip down to example 3- gifts for our mothers)

PS…If you love this stuff you might want to check out Julia’s work




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2 responses to “Gotta LOVE Oprah! (Free Stuff for people who love scrapbooking)

  1. Iris

    I never did get into the program for the free scrapbook… Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sunshinequeen

    Eek, sorry! It was removed this weekend. I was able to get one for myself and I started creating it right away, but the one I got for my sister in law we were going to work on later. When we went back to start creating it the credit for it was GONE! Grr. I know other sites have offered them on sale 20-30% off (burb, shutterfly). Sorry.

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