Per Favour (or thank you, rather)

Don’t you love my french…I was trying to be all creative until I realized that our favors at the wedding were to say “thank you,” not “please!”  Can’t hate me for trying! 

I want to make a disclaimer that I neglected to get any pictures of the favors prior to the wedding, or at the reception so this was all I could scrape up.  It’s not as “pretty” as most other favor examples I would have shared had I been given the choice, or prepared to take pictures before the wedding.

As you may remember, our wedding morphed into the fall outdoorsy-themed conglomeration of decorations and colors. We were fortunate of hitting peak season for the color of leaves and thus it helped create the decor.  When it came time to deciding our favors it seemed logical to keep them in tune with the decor.  I despise anything useless and nonfunctional, so I wanted something that people wouldn’t just leave laying around after the reception….something practical.

What did we decide? I can sense the anticipation…

Cut out cookies.  All of them were frosted with different fall colors…burgundy, golden rod yellow, and deep orange.  Our local bakery made them for us….although I considered baking them myself at one point.  I provided the cut-out that I wanted $3.99 at Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabrics (I forget which now).  When I realized how cheap they were I couldn’t pass up the offer:  $0.31 per cookie.  We had 250 cookies made…our total was $79.00 for the cookies, cut out and frosted.  If you notice they were each packaged in a cellophane bag…I ordered 2-100 pack bags from Paper Mart (4 x 2 1/2 x 9 1/2) for $8.28

And because I’m a dork…our little creative memo was:


We had lots of scraps of cardstock and the ivory linen paper I used to make the invites.  Thankfully I had access to a cricut, and the font that comes with the cricut has a tag template that cuts out as many as I tell it too.  So 8 sheets of 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock later I had enough tags (I only made 200 tags).  In word I made a 1 inch text box to write our little saying…copied pasted enough times to fill the page, printed and cut into squares.  I used a bit of Tombo scrapbook adhesive (I buy it in bulk) to attach to the tag. 

Finally to put it all together, a few more details were added.  I wanted to have guests upload their pictures to a site online so I could have access for future newlywed projects (such as blogging) following the wedding.  So I once again made a little postcard using the chocolate chip cardstock scraps and white 21/2 inch mailing labels.  I stamped the big pretty swirly stamp I used on the invitation envelope to add some color to the postcard.   Each postcard had the website, user name and password to upload their pictures too, but it also provided a mat for the cookie, since none were brown!


To put it all together, I picked up 3 rolls of the chocolate double satin ribbon from Hobby Lobby (20 yards for 99 cents in the wedding section).  This is the ONLY DIY wedding project that I requested a few hours from my girls.  On the Tuesday before the wedding we gathered to stuff and assemble the favors.  One person cut ribbon, 2 threaded the tags and 2 tied around the packaging.  We just did a square knot- save time, ribbon, and sanity…and really nobody was really going to notice if they were in a bow or knot as they feverishly attempted to get that darn package open to eat the cookie after a few beverages….so I was fine with a the knot. ( I have mad square knot tying abilities too).

Tada.  Each favor was placed on the plates of all of our guest by the site coordinator (that was very nice of her) the extras we placed into a basket and later in the evening was set out for guest to grab as they headed home.

It was a really yummy way to stay in budget ( each cookie cost $.40 to make) stay with the decor and add a pop of color to each table setting….and the guests loved them.  It was hard to scavenge any stranglers at the end of the night.

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