I didn’t realize I could be a magician too!

The disappearing act of my blog posts is completely the fault of my job.  While I completely understand it is the end of year, I didn’t understand the complexity of 4,000 page reports..notice plural.  Each one asking completely different things.  So as I result I have spent many waking hours poking myself in the eye with a fork…it’s that much fun! 

You can only imagine my excitement to give myself a break today and rescue my sanity on the 59 unread messages in my google reader.  It’s those little things that make me all warm and fuzzy on the inside!  As  you might gather if you follow any of my blogrolls like I do.. it snowed by heaps and mounds yesterday.  The husband was kindly notified at 5:32 AM that he could sleep in, and instead he woke up and made French Toast and began removing the North pole from our driveway with a shovel.  We are dedicated to our health and well-being so we prefer the exercise (cough).  Or maybe we are just too damn stubborn to fork out money for something that we don’t really want to buy. 

But all this snow removal and poking myself in the eye with a fork has left little to no time for my essential well-being.  I NEED to decorate for the holidays.  We came home on Sunday after heading back to the husbands home town in hopes to meet with our wedding photographer- however, last Thursday we were notified that his back injury is crazy bad (Gotta love my vocabulary)  and it’s prohibited him from sitting at the computer.  A huge let down for this newly wed..holy crap I just realized that today is our  2 month anniversary…shitballs, well congrats to us!

What was I saying…oh yes, when we returned home on Sunday I attempted to jump on the decorating-for-Christmas-bandwagon, only after stopping at my parents to get the results of St. Nick filling my stocking.  I love that St. Nick never realized that I’m over 18, and have moved out years ago….ignorance is bliss.  While the holiday spirit snatched my attention, it only worked for about 2.76 hours. This resulted  in boxes of unpacked Christmas decorations spewed throughout the house, our furniture rearranged to allow for the proper space for a Christmas tree, the revival of last year’s winter wonderland table (a crafty inspiration of sorts) and consuming a pot of coffee mixed with Bailey’s.  And unfortunately Monday brought work as usual.  Hence today…after being sequestered to my office computer and tortured by end of year reports (of which 1 is finished- 3 more to go) I am feeling that I DESERVE a day of vacation to frolic in my holiday creative wonderfulness…yes, I’m really that great.  Maybe I should practice my disappearing act at work- hehe.  I want a FULL Day, unfortunately by the looks of things, I’m screwed. 

Did I mention today is the husband’s birthday so following work we are picking out his birthday gift (ooh…there is exciting news that will have to wait for a new post), tomorrow will entail a baking fiesta to make dishes and wrap gifts for Xmas #2 on Friday, and Christmas #3 on Saturday, only to wake up early and preform in the church music Sunday (which also requires me to fit in a few rehearsal times before then).   Oh yes, and how about putting up our chrsitams decorations before Christams eve…and all while spending ridiculous hours getting MY WORK at my REAL JOB done so they don’t cut me out of the budget for next year!  Details.

Dammit, I need a life.  Thankfully I chose not to get a part time jobover the holiday season thanks to my better judgement (also know as my husband)!


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