What’s up with bringing trees in the house?

The husband and I FINALLY picked out a Christmas tree the other night.  It came in a box… after near-wedding-calling-off-Christmas-tree-fight last year, we decided to jump on a pretty snazzy deal on a fancy artificial tree…and I have no regrets.

Diesel on the other hand is in a state of complete confusion. He’s still a puppy ( an 84 lb puppy I might add)  and hasn’t experienced Christmas with us yet.  He was sure to help us out in every way he though he could.  He sneakily stole the top of the tree and pranced into the other room joyfully “More sticks to chew on.”  When we put a ca-bash to that then he decided to pitch in and learn from the tree-straightening pro himself…


After that was taken care of, he helped tangle himself in lights put the lights on the tree.  (how can you say no to this face, seriously…I take pictures instead!)


I continued putting lights on the tree as the husband untangled them for me.  We both were pretty consumed in our work.  I was about this far…


…when Dieseldecided to say “piss on it.”  Okay maybe he didn’t say that but  Brent caught him in the act-leg raised all ready to mark his new tree.  Thankfully Brent caught him and bundled up to entertain him outside for a while.  (Notice how nice Brent was doing at his untangling-the-lights-job?!? see bottom left corner).  Needless to say I carried on with the festivities alone, er, if you call belting out to channel 900 (Sounds of the Season) and spending some bonding time with frosty, alone time then, yep I was all over it. (Notice Frosty and the ingredients) The lantern was just there to add the missing pine scent I was yearning for.


I certinaly need the caffiene to power through all my ideas and get this decorating business rolling.  Up to this point my decorating entailed the contents of 4 unpacked “Christmas Decorations” rubbermaid bins, newspapers, boxes of every shape and size thrown strategically throughout every possible counter, table, seating, or window sill space remotely available.  I did muster up the courage to get my “Winter Wonderland” table done the night before…which set the plan for holiday decorations for 2008.  But before we get to the plan, let’s check in with Diesel one last time



He was being SO GOOD that I opted to give him an early Christmas present, unfortunately I didn’t take the time to wrap it first. ( I know this picture is blurry…but look at the size of this rawhide.  This is his second one- he loves them things although they are a little awkward to carry, he runs into doors, walls, drops it in his food dish…did I mention his spatial awareness is a bit off yet!)


Okay back to the plan.  As I mentioned I already had the “Winter Wonderland” table set up in the dining room


and since I have serious issues with themed things…the dining room just became the snowman/Winterroom.  Which translate to anything related to snowmen or winter will end up in the dining room, which became a problem about 7 minutes after I made the plan.  But I was determined.  MOST of my holiday decor was Snowmen and Wintery bliss.  But I really wanted a Pretty tree.  I was envisioning gold and red as the colors.  As I started arranging the ornaments into piles based on the room they would be designated too, I quickly realized that I would be short on filling all the green space on the tree.  I successfully placed all of the ornaments, but it needed more….Light bulbs went on- Wedding decorations.  I snuck back into my stash and found this amazing beaded garland.


I only had small pieces of it so I strategically placed them through the green space on the tree.  I also had picked up some single Poinsettias last year



As you may have gathered I added some funky, glistening, mesh ribbon as well…it really added a lot to the tree.  The placement of red was crucial to the success of my vision for this tree.  I might still get some more plain red ornaments to add to the tree.  I definitely need more for my next project (but you’ll have to come back to see that one).  So here is our tree with a Little wider lens


Wider yet…

As I was putting the final touches on the tree, I caught Diesel with a twinkle in his eye gazing into the tree. 


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  1. Heidi & Brent it looks gorgeous! You really expected me to day that right? I like it and gold & cranberry are the theme on our tree along with angle dolls of all sorts. We sold our big tree and opt for a smaller one this year, it was getting to be to much. With Mark in WY and Tiffany in OK this year, we will be a lot smaller. Deisel is sure a lovely dog, but full of the usual puppy trips. God Bless you both and have a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperious New Year. Love you both, Diesel too! Aunt Jan & Uncle Harold

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