Offspring talk

Granted we are married now so the talk is at least legitimate, it is not, however, warranted conversation by either Brent nor I.  In fact the 10 + babies born or expected in the next 6 months among our circle of friends is just enough offspring for us to handle.  Plus, I already have a precious little child…are you gasping at my secret…well relax, his name is Diesel and he’s an 84 lb Weimaraner.

However, kritta over at Conversations with Myself, nonchalantly threw out the topic of names…so I’ll post a few.

* Disclaimer: this does not grant permission to poke fun or steal my names for your own personal pleasure.  All rights to the content of this blog post must obtain prior written authorization before use!

What are your names choices for pets and offspring? 

For those of the frolicking 4-legged variety: Diesel (what can I say, I named him), Fred (a common name in our household for any living being), and how about Ella, and Miley for a girl.  I guess these were all targeted at Dogs, and not so much relevant for the occasional snake or rabbit…although Jim Bob might be a good name.

For offspring sporting the Y Chromosome (that would be males for those of you trying to figure it out): JT, Isaac, Lane, and Caleb…although Jim Bob was in the running for a close 5th.

Of the feminine variety: I used to love a few of these names, but their popularity is begging me to think elsewhere.  Kaitlyn (Katie for short), Madelyn (Maddie), Addison (Addi), Audrey (Audi)…can you tell I’m big on shorting names… Lauren, and Helayne.

How about yours? 

Please note the disclaimer posted above is relevant for all who’d like to comment with their names ideas- even if it’s Jim Bob!


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