Counting the Days

In 2 days I will not be at work for a whole 10 days.  I still can’t wrap my head around the fact there are precisely 6 LARGE projects on my to-do list at work that need to be finished by tomorrow.  And since that just seems unbearable, I digress…

In 2 days I will be chop full of all the Chex Mix I can handle, because it’s already almost gone, and it is the perfect meal come breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.  I don’t know why I always wait to make until the holidays.

In 2 days, I will COMPLETELY stop thinking and complaining about all the work I need to get done before leaving, cause I’m down right sick of thinking of that.  By the way, life is to short to complain….so I’m done with that now!

 In 2 days, I will be so excited to have a break from Physical Therapy.  I love the fact that I have put off 14 year injury until now.  What can I say, I thought it was cool to have Multi-Directional Instability until now.  Have I mentioned I just began my first session last Friday?

In 2 days, I will freakishly be obsessing about how pretty to wrap all the gifts, because of course I’m buying my last gift tonight.  And what a better way to kick off the holidays than wait until Christmas eve to wrap gifts, and cook, and sing in church, and host the cocktail social with my family at our house…

However in 3 days:
It’s Christmas!  You’ll have to visit me in again soon to find out what exhilarating tradition my family has…where it’s ALL ABOUT THE ADULTS! (don’t worry it’s completely clean).

But then in 4 days, we’ll be taking our SECOND HONEYMOON! 
(stop judging me… we just got Married in October and if I want to call it a honeymoon, I will!  I might as well milk it for all it’s worth!) 

We are getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to make the trek out East so that we can…
(that’s Brent)

(This is me! except I’m a bit less masculine looking.)

We will be here:
Okemo Ski resort in Ludlow VT.

On these slopes 2600′ up in the air, with this view

(Photo by: Gary)

Seriously, look at the branches on the trees!
(Photo by: HS)

In Days 4-7 will include large amounts of snow,  snot dripping down my face, the warmth of a chalet, ankles concreted into a forward leaning position, several  layers of socks, hanging out with my BEST FRIEND EVER…which creates a whole new list,

but that will be extended on days 7-9 here: (I’ll give you a hint: I brought in the new year here in 2007, with Megan once again)
New York City.

Yes, sirree bob…We’ll carry in the start of 2009 with 6 million others in the city.   Although from prior experience, I will not be on the streets of times square, without alcohol for 12 hours so that I can watch a ball the size of a pin head fall while we all count backwards from 10.  Instead I will be enjoying the happy, social atmosphere with all you can eat, and all you can drink evening at a trendy bar…the kind I can dance at if I want and don’t have to worry about the occasional fresh 21-yr-old boy deciding to grind…ew…so gross.  Perhaps my ages is starting to show here, but I’d much rather showcase my marvelous dance moves with the luxury of my friends and go frolicking back to my seat beside my beloved husband ( he’s not so much into the dancing scene like I am).

Only to awake the next morning, pack up the ship and may our way back to the beloved home, where our “baby” will be awaiting us after hanging out with his new friend the dog-sitter!

Dreamy, isn’t it!  I know your jealous of my prestigous tropical vacation…Did I mention Vermont is one of the FEW states I haven’t been to?Happy Christmas to me, and Brent of course as this is our gift to eachother. 

But until then, I’ll just keep trudging along, shoveling 2 feet of snow, freezing my petunia’s off wishing for temperatures above Zero degrees.  PS- Mother Nature:  I’d prefer temps above 20 and how about no wind. If you could work on that..that’d be great.

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  1. how fun! can’t wait to hear all about it!

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