OMG, How could I possibly forget?!?!?!

Doughnut Plant….yes. It’s this tiny little bakery in some area of New york City, where this one man bakes donuts each day wihtout using yeast…I guess that is odd in the donut-making world. I don’t really even like donuts, but these weren’t really donuts they were like little pieces of heaven covered in glaze.

Between the 4 of us we split a dozen doughnuts. My favorites were Peanut Butter and Jelly– regular jelly in a doughnut covered in a peanut butter glaze. If were up to me I’d have ordered 7! And then there was the Vanilla bean donut that was so soft and fluffy, Megan wanted “to lay her head on it!” The blackout was chocolate cake donut was just that- chocolate cake tasting with little chocolate dirt sprinkled on top. The highlight might have been the Latino variety….Tres Leches. It was a creamy vanilla-ish flavored in a cakey masterpiece.  Mr. Doughnut Plant himself even beat Bobby Flare in a showdown over this bad-boy and won!   Did I mention that I don’t even like donuts, especially the creamy and jelly filled variety.

Needless to say we were all sick for a majority of the day. Our bodies turned against the 4000 calories- per donut and our blood sugar surely spiked over 70,000.

Either way, I needed to add my luxurious New York doughnut experience to the list of grazing adventure we packed into the vacation. Like several other places the Doughnut Plant is a jammed packed place featured in sitcoms and frequented by various celebrities.  De-lic-ious and famous.

As most people are making resolutions for 2009, of which I am not, here’s to working off 12 donuts!


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