Whose deserving?

Okay, I’m married, sick of hearing about others wedding ideas.

It’s icier that an eskimo’s wet tit in antartica outside- so running is lame right now.

Christams is over and therefore so is my sense of holiday cheer (at least for the next 30 seconds).

My point is I need to add some spice to my blogroll and google reader.

So I ask all 2 of my readers…and dammit, both of you better comment…what blogs do you follow? Whose blogs should I take time out of my precious days to stalk  follow. Please list your top 3 favorite blogs. 

I’ll start with my top 3 or most frequestnly visited (through reader of course) This isn’t to diss any of my other regulars that I visit, but right now these are catching me. 

Dooce– posts regularily and her sarcism makes me chuckle nearly everyday! I’m determined to do a daily photo one day. And maybe Diesel will some day sit still with cheetos lining his nose.  It’s no wonder people pay her to blog.

My Life in Transition– her randomness always keeps me on my toes. Everything from digital creative genious to running marathons and enjoying a good cup of pimp joe.

Just a Girl!– This chic knows how to find a cheap thrifty nothing and make it into something amazingly beautiful.  I’ve stolen many ideas from her already! I’m sure that won’t end either.

And because I can never make a final decision, I have to give it up to the one who got me here….

Conversations with Myself– because everyone needs a writing, running, blogger in their life that can amuse me with reading, running, music and a few vampires. 

So there.  Those are mine.  Now it’s your turn.

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One response to “Whose deserving?

  1. Aw, thanks love.

    Um, my must-reads are:

    Okay, Fine, Dammit: http://okayfinedammit.com. Maggie’s an amazing writer, hilarious woman.

    Some Kind of Wonderland: http://erinfrances.wordpress.com. One of my closest pals and learning how to be a mom. Quite endearingly, I might add.

    And last but not least, my pal Bruce over at Living on the Other Side of Childhood: http://brucedierbeck.blogspot.com.

    OK, so there all pals of mine, so I might be cheating. But there blogs are awesome.

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