Black and White

While I had several posts prepared to share, they all included pictures and wordpress has it’s undies in a bundy and is deciding like it doesn’t want to have anything to do with pictures today.  So you’ll have to settle for just black and white print for the time being. 

What I might be posting in the next week or so brings more joy that 7 gallons of ice cream while lying on the beach in a tropical location.  Can you guess what it might be….  I actually secretly despise when people do that so I won’t make you guess.

OUR WEDDING PICTURES…we’ll be viewing our wedding pictures this weekend for the first time.  Er, minus the slide show we had at our reception the night of our wedding, but that was almost 3 months ago already.  I’m so excited I could pee my pants right now…but I won’t, for the chairs sake. 

Stay tuned there may be more black and white, color or even some sepia posted in the next few days (okay let’s be realistic)…few weeks. 

On antother fun note, I’ve been invited to a “Black & White” party.  How fun is that.  The attire for the evening is black in white.  All food and decor will sport the color scheme as well.  I’ll try to remember to take my camera and grabs some snaps of it!  The thought of it immediately reminded me of Darci and her love for Damask, of which I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.  Not for my wedding of course, but for the decor of our guest room.  That’s not finished either, but maybe I’ll some day share that progress as well.

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