wish list for my library

cold blustery days, like today, make me want to cuddle in warm fuzzy sweaters in front of a fireplace on an overstuff couch sipping coffe and reading.  Since that is just not possible with my crazy schedule this month I thought I’d ponder a few worthy reads … in no particular order.

Letter to my daughter

3 cups of tea

water for Elephants

Knitting Cricle

Marley & Me


Driving Sideways

The Book Thief-I still haven’t opened it, but I’ve had it for MONTHS. 

Are there others that should be on this list?

I’m currenlty reading The Shack and Dreams of My Father…and quite honestly I’m half way through both of them and the intensity of their plot has me treading water.  I’m not sensing so much optimism in finishing.  The beginnings of both were pretty good, they got me to keep reading.  I try to read everynight when I crawl in bed to help my head digest into sleepiness.  After a few pages (sometimes paragraphs) I’m ready to turn off the light and call it a night.  But maybe that’s due to my need for unusually large amounts of sleep and warmth.  Both seem to be hard to come by these days. 

Let me know your suggestions.  I’m supposed to be reading The Reader and Fine Consessions for upcoming book clubs and I just don’t think that’s going to happen.  I also hear Revolutionary Road is one to pick up? Others???


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