Against my religion!

According to scrapbooking books and stores I should be scrapping all the big moments in your life such as buying a new home, a new puppy, a wedding….hmm, so where do I start if I did ALL of those things in 2008?

I went to print off picture from the 3 full SD cards I’ve been sporting around for quite some time. I printed the honeymoon in it’s entirety-254 pictures. Our “child” aka Diesel- 177 pictures. I might have a problem, and I realize that. I’m obsessed with taking pctures, especially of every little detail of our child.

In my defense, parents create complete books of their children by the time they are 1 year. While our child may have 4 legs and some pretty rough morning breath, he’s still our child. I feel obligated to create his own book so he can look ack on those wonderful puppy memories when he’s mature and ready to move out. I’m rationalizing her folks…but I think it’s completely legitimate to scrap our memories with him Especially for year 1. Speaking of year 1, his birthday is in a few months and I really wan to throw him a birthday party and invite our friends and family?!??! Is that obnoxious?

So I’m hunkering down this weekend and doing something I never thought I’d do. My plan is to do 40 pages in 48 hours or the equivalent of my waking hours this weekend. I usually linger painfully over decision of what color paper to mat my pictures, should I cover the chipboard with pretty paper, or paint it with acrylic paints. It’s a painful process sometimes that takes hours (it is not uncommon for me to spend over 10 hours creating 1 page). So I’m taking up some tips to speed-scrap. I already have ideas in mind for certain layouts. I went through all the pictures and organized them in the order of which they will be put into the scrapbook. I also went through my paper and pulled papers that would compliment my layout designs. I was about to start going through the embellishments, when it was just to much planning for me. I am sitting down tonight with a timer. I am hoping to spend no more than 45 minutes on any page…a timer is a newly added piece of equipment to much scrapping repertoire.

I feel like I’m going against my religion here, but we’ll see how book 1 goes and see if this nonsense will set my heart at ease. Stay tuned for posts of mega-scrap weekend.


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