The verdict is in!

A few months ago I had the beginning of a few interesting doctor appointments.  I had a “condition” which began with random slipping of my joints, better known in the medical field as sublexation, I’ve been told.

Then my finger and toes would turn white and go numb, something like this…

abnormal none the less. 

This led to a series of visits with specialists and some blood work and a few follow up appointments which has led them all to the conclusion that I have an Autoimmune disorder which essentially means my body is attacking itself.  However, all tests indicate that the only thing abnormal is a ANA (?) factor which 5 times higher than normal.  Typical disorders that would fall into this category are Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Schleroderma, or Goiters of which I do not portray enough of the symptoms to diagnose. 

Therefore, I offically have an unclassified autoimmune connective tissue disorder.  I could develop any of the above disorders throughout my life, or I may remain in the “dormant” or remission state. 

So to the family and friends, and various random readers who’ve heard bits and pieces of this story…. I’m Good!

Once I hear that Brent and I both have secure jobs next week, I might be even better!

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