Creative Disaster

A while back I posted about a plan to expedite my scrapbook layouts. I never posted about the experience, it didn’t work! I did manage to get the honeymoon book done in 2 weeks which is still a record to be reckoned with!  However, in our house it appears as though in order to be creative and productive, you must first create a mess.  I present to you my workspace….


While you may thin I was thoughtful enough to take picture of my mess for my blog, I certainly would also display my stellar layouts right?  Oops.  I guess those will be coming. Take my word for now, they are FABULOUS! 

In other projects around the house, we have the luxury of painting a room red.  I neglected to get pictures amidst the chaos, but let me showcase the final product.  Ready.  I give to you our “red room.”


Minus the fact that it took a few coats of primer and a few more of the luscious red (actually it’s technically Vatican Red) paint, I’m overjoyed with the results.  The contrast between the red walls and damask valance, and shimmery comforter and pillows, makes me feel like royalty when I lie on the bed.  It really makes the white trim and dark hardware pop out doesn’t it?!?!?


Hmm, so where does the disaster come into play.  Let me explain.  Diesel was amazing while we were painting, ufting himself onto the bed to watch the painting extravaganza, followed by sighs, yawns and snores.  Brent and I were overly cautious of him getting close to the wet paint.  Imagine my surprise when he crawled up on the bed and had a perfect diagonal line of red paint just above his paw.  This befuddled both Brent and I.  I feverishly scurried him off the bed to assess the damage.  Virtually nothing was on the bed.  Brent followed Mr. Independent back downstairs where from the tone of his voice, I determined he might need counseling.  Apparently Diesel had discovered the stir stick covered in red paint.  Much like he would do with most other sticks, he found a comfy place to lie down and chew up the stick.  The fact that it had red paint didn’t bother him.  His destination of choice..the living room.  Mind you the carpet in the living room is an off-white color.  We were able to scrub most of it out, so at least the pink polka dots in our living room are very subtle.  

I, on the other hand, was so wound up in redness I went on my merry way painting the house red.  I decided to add a red accent to our kitchen door…


and continued the movement upstairs to the hallway door.  But after much consideration the redness was getting a little overwhelming. I opted for coasts 2 and 3 to be a more neutral color (same as the living room) and jumped to the task one afternoon while Brent was gone.  Only as I painted this door I got a little carried away.  I guess our next painting project will be the hallway.  My rational was that it was my birthday, and it’s not nice for Brent to yell at me on my birthday.  After seeing how cool the white trim looked with the darker walls, the existing off-white color in the hallway just wasn’t cutting it!  What do you think?!?! 



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