Gifts that make me squeel!

This weekend I had the opportunity to buy myself a few gifts, something LONG overdue.  I was visiting friends in Chicago; I can’t think of a better place to shop. Thanks to my frugulness I stayed in control.  I was able to pick up a cute shirt to go out in on Saturday night, and a new shirt to sport as several of us will be running the St. Louis marathon in May.  We needed something bright and bold so our fans (all one of then) would be able to spot us!  I chose yellow (seeing that I am the sunshine queen)…


I guess that means I’ll need to get myself into shape so I at least look like an athlete…oh and maybe I should start running too! Whether I fit the part or not, it’s still a cute running shirt.  I was able to resist the temptation to buy matching grey & yellow running shorts!

My trip would not be complete without a stop to the Pleasant Prairie Outlet Mall. My heart fluttered a few times, but I resisted until I walked into the Clark store.  I had been on a strict shoe diet with specific instructions to only buy a new pair of shoes after getting rid of a pair currently adorning the floor of my closet.  I have been so good at whittling down my supply, so it was perfectly relevant for me to fulfill my need.  In actually I went into the store to try to find a replacement for a pair of brown flats that had been the staple in my shoe wardrobe for years.  It was time.  I needed to find something that was dressy enough to wear with business attire, yet casual enough to wear on a regular basis if so desired.  Oh and since I’m apparently 50, they needed to be comfortable and practical too.   Much to my twinkling eyes did appear a pair in my size, which were even narrow which is treasure in and of itself.

102_1361(From the side you can see the slight chunky heel)

102_1360 (from my view you can see the touch of cuteness)

I have worn them 2 days and am receiving compliments left and right, so at least I’m comforted to know that the 50 year old fashion sense of practical and comfort hasn’t completely taken over shoe fashion perspective.  They are unbelievably comfortable!

The second pair I found (they were on sale, and it was buy one get one half off…rationalizing here I know) was needed as a casual pair of slip ons that were still not so athletic looking.  Again, I wanted to be able to wear them to work with khaki’s if I desired a not-so-formal day!  These might totally scream 50 year old lady…but they seem a bit more edgy and adventurous than something my mom might wear.

And wouldn’t you know, while I was galvanting the shops from Chicaog to the Fox Valley, my husband was doing the same.  However instead of greeting me with shoes, I was greeted with this…

24″ imac complete with the memory, hard drive space, and several other fabulous features to make my addiction to the internet much more effective. You can bet we are both tracking eachothers time on the computer!  Flutter.  Good job babe 🙂


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  1. I have the second pair of shoes you pictured. I hope they don’t look like 50 year old lady shoes!

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