Tri-ing something new!

Yesterday I decided I’m going to start training for a triathlon.  So yesterday all inspired and all I went for a solo 5 mile run, only to come back to pick up the dog for a 2-mile sprint.  Surprisingly I felt pretty good, seeing how running is has been as appealing as eating a hunks of lard. But I think we’re passed that now.

Today I woke up to the dog disciplining me for sleeping past 7:00 AM.  He comes up stairs all willy-nilly and eager for some more exercise time with mom.  I finally gave in and got up, he immediately bolted for the front door.  Clearly he was seven steps ahead of me this morning.  Thankfully Brent, being the morning person that he is was able to entertain him outside for a while before heading to a friends. As I looked over the triathlon brochure again, I realized I would eventually need to train for the biking and swimming.  Hmm, today would be a perfect biking day.

I geared up in my warmer attire.  I dug through bins in the basement looking for a bike helmet I knew we had somewhere and the padded biking gloves I picked up  a few years back.  All I kept thinking was “Oh, this is such a good idea.”  As you may have guessed I’ve competitively biked..ah, never in my life.  Finding the proper biking attire was a challenge since I don’t know what that all entails.  I knew I needed a tighter cuff on my pants and to find shoes where the laces wouldn’t get caught in the chain, spokes, or what have you.

The next piece took a bit of mental preparation.  It happened to be the dog piece.  How was I going to bike and not run over the dog in the process.  So I jumped on the bike and just did a few laps around the yard just to see how he would react.  He clearly thought we were racing and stayed plenty distance from the freak on a two wheeled thing that could easily attack him at any moment.  The laps were successful so I geared up with poop bags and a retractable leash and a water bottle and off we went.

Amazingly it was a fabulous 10-mile ride.  I let Diesel set the pace, which clearly was a bad idea since he has more energy today than an energizer bunny on Ritalin.  I only hit him once, and that’s all it took for him to realize you stay on one side of the bike.  I guess “hitting him” is a bit strong, it was more we both had deer-in-headlights looks and tried to figure out how to avert the situation without anyone experiencing a life altering injury, without lightning like reflexes all was well.  Diesel’s occasional spotting of a squirrel or neighborly dog also made things interesting as the retractable leash was extended completely, as was my arm in a direction determined by the dog.  But other than that it was a good time.We even finished with a 1-mile cool down run. He’s basking himself aside the front door on a rug in the sun as a speak (er, type rather).

A few lessons I learned:

  1. When you think the dog is tired and stop to take a break, keep a keen eye on his need to mark his territory on your back tire and make sure your leg is far enough away from the target.
  2. Also, when dog’s are thirsty, they strongly prefer Glacier Freeze Gatorade over water!
  3. If you give them the choice to run or jog, they always choose the faster option
  4. Biking with the dog is not just a workout for the dog.

If you have any pointers for the next ride or for training, feel free to educate me 🙂


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