Buds & Blossoms

Believe it or not, we are finally getting weather that is a bit like Spring.  There hasn’t been snow in the forecast for almost a month now. We’ve even had a few hours of 80 degrees…followed by 3 days of rain.  The grass is green, and in need of regularly scheduled mowing.

So I guess it’s time I post on my lovely little Easter arrangement.  It’s very unlike me to not overly exaggerate each and every holiday by completely changing the decor in our house.  However for Easter this was all I had.  Wait for it…Brace yourself…


Call me Martha!  I should note this fun set of apothecary jars was the thoughtful birthday gift from my loving husband.  Good taste huh!  Please don’t tell him that I never even touched the “Easter bin of decor” which insists of having it’s own pink bin and special place in storage.  I just haven’t had the time to waste engross myself with my indoor decor, especially when the weather actually warrants painting my toe nails!  So, I may have been eager to jump the gun on that one, but it has been nice, and I’ve spent as much time outdoors as possible.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s budding up around our house!






There are leaves, n’ flowers, the evolution from bud-needle-delivery to needles-on-branches-growth-and-development experience, and LILACS…did you see the lilacs with infant little buds giving birth to precious blossoms.  It’s here, the horrid months of winter are over, and there will now be sun and rain and lots of pollinating going on! (that just made me chuckle….pollinating!)

Happy sneezing 🙂

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