7 degrees of awkward-ness

As if having a conversation with complete strangers while peeing just wasn’t enough I’ve had a few more random moments that keep life a bit strange. 

Today (yes, all of these events happened today), I took a moment to actually log into my facebook page via computer versus Blackberry….Perhaps this needs a bit of historical context. 

I was close friend with a girl in high school.  It was not uncommon for her boyfriend, her and I to hang out together (yes, I’m a dork and a third wheel).  Either way, college happened we went our separate ways with very little to eventually no contact.  Randomly in college that now ex-boyfriend was at the same party…which led to a brief stint of dating.  Awkwardness number 1, I felt like I was dating my brother…obviously it didn’t last long!

Fast forward to present day.  Through fascinating social networking sites such as facebook,  I got back in touch with my high-school friend. She is now a hair dresser and actually did my hair for my wedding.  Which brings me to today.  I got a message in my facebook inbox which states: “When were you going to tell me that you and Matt dated? ”  At which point my thought was immediately how do I politely respond, “NEVER!”  Why would I?  Why would she want to know…Awkwardness number 2.

So I delete the message and stroll on over to my friend requests and suggestions.  Wouldn’t you know I have several of which some are previous ex-boyfriends.  Now I could understand if these were pseudo-boyfriends who actually ended up to be really great friends, but alas there are not.  These were semi-serious relationships that left me utterly confused and bitter!   Which led to awkwardness 3, 4 and 5.  WTF, Why would I want to be friends with them? This led to curiosity, how many of my other friends are facebook friends with serious ex-boyfriends who reeked havoc on their lives…come to find out there were several. 

I find it some what stalker-ish to search out your old ex’s and monitor their new lives.  Maybe I’m just a bit more into moving on, but the strangeness of all this happening in the one random day I actually check my facebook completes my seventh degree of awkwardness!


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