Oh my, It’s been over a month!

So sorry to leave you all in the dark, I guess rain followed by sweltering heat would be more the case around these parts.  Welcome Frizzy hair.  Here’s a quick update of what I’ve done in the past month:

1. Got the yard ready for landscaping


2. Picked up LOTS of retaining wall block

3. Made 3, 4 hour trips to the Western side of the state in 3 consecutive weekends..Diesel did much better than I on all 3 trips!


The first weekend involved meeting our friends newborn baby boy: Colton (apparently I’m a bad friend with no pictures to share) and a party at our friends which resulted in me breaking their futon!  It seriously was all Brent’s fault.

The second weekend brought Copper Falls State Park-which entailed camping on  Memorial weekend…


We even hiked to a look out point above the tree tops.  In my opinion it took far too many stairs to get there and looking back we’d think twice about doing that again!

We had a great time as always just hangin out with our friends…

The third weekend was to celebrate Brent’s cousin’s graduation party.  The graduate needed to be escorted home at 10 pm, but apparently we thought we were pretty stellar staying out until 4 am.  The next morning we thought differently!

4.  I took a day off to plant flowers with my niece.

Who knew a kid could get this dirty?

102_1458 Never the less, it was precious!

5. Brent tackled many of the “jobs” that have been waiting for him around the house including…

laying block…



If you look closely in the first 2 of the 3 block pictures, the stairs leading up to the front door.  We didn’t like those, so that led to Brent busting up the staris and removing them.  His next project is to rebuild them using White Timber Tech and make them all pretty…

There was some block on either side of the stairs, so we added to an existing flower bed on the side of the garage

We took out the Lilac bush that was here and donated it to my parents trout farm…it was a bit too large for the spot.

I actually made a makeshift step coming out from the garage until the paver-walk gets laid.

I planted a bunch of flowers, bushes and plants and together the husband and I mulched around the entire house.


(I love this purple hydrangea)


Brent also made a slight raised bed for me in the corner with the remaining retaining wall block to add a bit more dynamics.  The plant is actually much prettier than this, but I took the picture just after a sever thunderstorm.


We are in the midst of filling and leveling the future perennial bed that will be home to our wedding arbor and wagon, as well as a few other gifts from myself and others!

And my lovely husband also replaced our old, not-my-favorite-light-outside-the-back-door with a prettier motion sensored/dusk to dawn light.

5.  Besides that there have been several neice and cousin baseball games; end of the school year parties; retirement party for my co-worker (whom I’m already lost without); the rash of summer programming including camp for 4 days, a conference, and several upcoming camps, programs and meetings; coordinating dog-sitters while my husband and I are away on work.

The fun isn’t over yet.  There are still so many more things coming, stay tuned!  I’m hoping the next post won’t be in a month!


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