Oh Blessed Mother of Sleep, how can I find you?!?!?

Over the past 2 weeks I have merely seen my husband in passing.  I left last week for camp, of which I am the director…just a 5-nighter no big deal.  However there is one thing I wasn’t able to do at camp…sleep.  I vowed to be like all the other adults and sleep in one of the rustic cabins and pretend I could handle it.  The first night I was sweating SO bad there was no way to situate yourself to get comfortable in a pool of sweat.  Night two, brought a bit of the other extreme, some fun thunderstorms.  Now really, I’m a fan of some good thunderstorms…really, I am…but ther was tiny little thing that made it less than desirable…. I had to pee! Completing that task required me to get out of my bed #1, leave the cabin #2, go to the bathroom that could possibly have lots of bugs and freaky things flying around #3.  Seeing how my urge to go was making the rest of my body ache I decided to get up and go.  Thankfully I made it back safely, averting all possible dangers. The storm,however, rallied a little more strength, which peaked my curiosity.  Hmm.  What are the emergency procedures in the event of a tornado.  At 5 AM I still was thinking about this.  The storm had long passed and I figured if I wait to much longer the evil girls will raid the shower and STEAL  all of the hot water.  Needless to say I awoke, showered with freaky bugs bringing an end to sleepless night #3.  Night 4 and 5 brought more of me waking in the middle of the night having to pee…with similar results of not being able to return to a peaceful state of MUCH NEEDED sleep.

I came home from camp to go pick up the dog.  Missing my child like a long lost friend, I caved and let him sleep with me, thinking he could help comfort me in the big bed all by myself.  The restless night began with an 85lb dog literally laying on my legs, occasionally sprawling and nuzzling his way up to my pillow obly to snore in my face…even the husband is better then that! What happened to the idea of cuddling?  Again the urge to pee woke me up at 3 AM, which thankfully the bathroom is just down the hall from our bedroom, returned back to bed to have my space invaded by the dog.  Regardless of how much I love my dog, this is exactly why we don’t allow him to sleep near us.  The next day I needed to bust my moves to get to a conference, where I shared a room with a partial stranger, always making for interesting sleep patterns. Bringing an end to an entire week of sleepless nights!

Which brings us to the weekend.  I was feeling optimistic, however the weather decided to have different plans. We had several crazy thunderstorms followed by scorching heat….thus leaving enough humidity to create a sauna.  Our house is nicely located near a huge pine tree which offers fabulous shade to cool the first floor of our house. Our bedroom is on the 2nd story and that shade things doesn’t work as well up there.  Once again I lie awake in a  sweaty pool of sheets.  Last night I just opted to blow up the air mattress and sleep in the basement which was fine until there was light shining in my face at 5:30 this AM.

So please, blessed Mother of Sleep…Forgive me for whatever sins I have committed and allow me one night of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.  I will be eternally grateful.


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