As exciting as poking myself in the eye with a fork!

Since I can’t handle all the changes my body is going through right now, I highly doubt you’ll want to either. ..

I’ve been trying to figure out something fun and new to share with you. and as you might gather from the title-not so exciting!

I spent the week going through every bit of storage I have and weeded out clothes that have not been worn in a year (or 5), books I never  intended to read, boxes full of random things people give me who have no taste, and pain-stakingly reminiscing with every picture frame, candle, and scrap booking item in order to find peace in parting with it!    I wondered for a split second how  much money I spent on clothes during one breif  skinny point in my life…someone should have shot that bitch!  Seriously, as if I would be skinny forever…and I didn’t need the money for other things!  If you are one of those skinny girls, I have a ton of name brand clothes you can come check out at my rummage sale: …or if you are looking for wedding decor or ideas…lots of that stuff too.  I  have a hard time letting go of anything cause I might need it again…yet I still managed to fill 2 tables full of scrapbooking and rubber stamping supplies.  I’m seriously considering throwing in my wedding dress just because I don’t know that I’ll wear it in  the next year (I have rules apparently).

In other news, Diesel’s getting his nuts chopped off tomorrow.  Poor guy! Hopefully he’ll stop greeting the guests by licking his balls and assuming pornographic positions.

I felt like I violated him when I took this picture!   His balls are really big now and the get in the way of things all the time.  Sometimes when he wants to cuddle with me I get all weirded out by his balls hanging out on my leg. We’ll see how he handles the anesthesia and the empty space between his legs. Although I’m more concerned about the cone they may put around his head.

We have been unsuccessfully searching for a new vehicle for me to become a happy owner of.  Strat has been good to me, but she is 174,000 miles old and really TIRED! She deserves the rest.  Not to mention that when Diesel joined family it became pretty tough to fit everything into her.  Thus we’ve been required to take the truck home for the 4-hour trek, which averages all of about 2 miles per gallon. 

I’m hoping to get one of these:

A Honda Pilot.  We have some time before the need to maneuver car seats becomes an issue. 

I was hoping I would be able to post that I’m no longer puking…but it’s presence graced me yet again this morning.  Other than that I’m  just getting chunky with HUGE boobs….eating saltine’s crackers in bed with the dog…and watering flowers. 

I’m thinking about acquiring 30 cats and moving  into the basement.


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