a happy ending to a crappy day!

A while a go a friend of mine had commented on my book reviews post, and added a suggestion of which the name escaped me.  Her words of “being a dog owner whose like your child you’ll appreciate it” left a little imprint in my diminishing memory to keep an eye out for something like that!

Strangely enough this is a travel week and I was in need of a book.  I stepped into Barnes & Noble to see if there were any good reads that I needed to snatch up for this trip.  And one jumped out at me: The Art of Racing in the Rain. That was it, I was sure of it. 

Despite my rather miserable travel day I was able to divert my frustraions by nuzzling into the pages of a book.  And this one kept me devoted to finishing just  few more pages at each possible occasion. 

Despite the change in itinerary without letting me (the passenger) know about it and then the 2 hour wait at a curbside bench in 99 degree heat and sucking car exhaust, there wasn’t much that could divert my evil thrashings and loud obscenities.  But at the end of the day I was drawn to the book….and then I had to finish it!!!

To keep in my book review form, it is about a dog and the relationship with his master as told from the dog’s perspective.  It had me laughing out loud with a few strange glances from fellow passengers, to hiding tears, to an all out anger and resentment.  Thankfully I was in the privacy of my room when I had an all out bawling festival. I totally give it 5 stars, but I am a fan of big dogs.

The crazy thing about all this is despite it being an amazing read, I always do these things that should draw me closer to my child when I am 500 miles away from home.  Which leaves me miserable.  I went and saw Marley and Me  while out in Vermont this New Year’s and now The Art of Racing in the Rain while in Dallas. So this is my long distane dedication to my husband and dog who I hope are nuzzling soundly. Diesel is hopefully filling my space in bed, while snoring and occasionally nudging his dad occaisionally.  I write this post as a reminder to continue to notice all of these silly things he does and imagine what is going through his mind and what he might be dreaming about.  I just hope it’s not about crows!


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