Pop goes the little weasel..er peach!

“Where are the bump pictures?”

Several of you have asked,  which I have neglected to share with you for several reasons.  The first picture I took at 10 weeks made it look like I had  a humongous tire hanging around my waist and was seriously unflattering no matter how beautiful the life inside me may be. I vowed from then on not to have a picture taken until an actual bump appeared. I have also been warned by medical professionals that because I am so tall, I likely will not show as much as the average pregnant woman even in the final weeks I may look unusually small…thus this bump takes time for me.  Secondly it wasn’t my intention to turn this blog into a mommy fest of insane pregnancy stories.  But you asked so I’ll respond to your wishes.

Beyond being pregnant life has taken me by storm the last few weeks.  Work has been about as charming as an orthopedic shoe.  I’m still trying to update from my travel adventure and I haven’t even had a chance to share about my red-neck pool party experience. But alas, baby is still with us. 

On Monday I had an appointment, and was told by Doc in my previous appointment that we may be able to hear the heartbeat.  All the pregnancy rules and recommendations have pretty much gone by the wayside.  While the craving for an alcoholic beverage has been tempting I have completely refrained, OJ and Cranberry is my new “drink.” While I don’t tend to have any strong cravings I still rely heavily on milk and have given myself permission to drink it straight out of the gallon jug- against my mothers wishes that is.  I still am repulsed by several things and in the event that you may have just eaten I’ll refrain from sharing details.  The only system that is new is some fabulous heart burn…I honestly thought I was having a heart attack the first time the pesky little guy showed up with his little horns and devil tail and parked himself in my chest for about, oh I don’t know, 3 days!

On Sunday I spent the day seriously cleaning the house, something I haven’t done in about a year, and ran across a few of the publications I received from various people.  I easily got distracted (as if it’s so hard to do when you are cleaning) and updated myself on really what’s happening in this pregnancy.  The moral of the story is baby is about the size of peach.  Oddly, the husband had recently picked up a few peaches for his lunch which provided the perfect opportuntity for this:

Here I am 14 weeks-2days.  Weight gained at this point is 6 lbs. Normal clothes are uncomforatble and maternity clothes are short and saggy on me at this point- fashion is not my forte lately. With that I’ll close with an excerpt from my mental journal and fun little doctor experience.

Dear baby,
On Monday, August 17th at 1:30 I enterred my appointment…suprisingly on time.  I was called back and the nurse asked if I wanted to use the restroom…I thought she was implying she needed another “specimen” so I asked just to make sure.  No, apparently my eyes just looked a little yellow or something.  Into the exam room, weight check (see above) and little check in from the nurse before doctor walked in. Again a little check in time and then we listened for a heart beat.  He squirted some funky gel on my belly and turned the speaker on to his baby-momma stethascope.  He right away was able to hear my heart in the background, moved things around a little bit and then said “there it is, can you hear it?” I paused to listen, and a moment of silence deafened the room.  As I tuned in to listen intently a huge gurgle from my belly came screaching across the speakers. All I could do was break out in a loud gut-wrenching laugh. Doc was successful at finding your little heartbeat again but I had completely lost my focus.  I think this may be a sign of things to come.  I’ll be able to see you  soon (5 more weeks until the ultrasound).  I think we’ll let you suprise us in Feburary rather than plan.  You’ll learn mom doesn’t plan very much for anything- so don’t take it personally. 😉


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