Red Neck Pool Party

The weather finally hit a state to declare summer in Wisconsin over the past 2 weeks.  Opening the door results in a sudden case of moist air suffocating you. Our house resides in a city lot with a large pine tree encompassing the sun which would otherwise fill our home with heat (ie- the first floor is relatively cool).  But seeing how the husband and I were sleeping in separate beds so he could survive the insane temperatures, we caved and invested in some “hot summer resources.”

The temps were predicted to hit 90 degrees and nearly 100% humidity (keep in mind this was now 2 weeks ago-it’s 65 degree today).  The husband was suggesting a few local hang outs that we could spend our day at. Being the frumpy pregnant woman I am lately I really had no desire to be around a bunch of yahoo’s, especially since both local swimming holes are also highly designated party spots- I really wasn’t in the mood to deal with that chaos.  Instead we invested in an window air conditioner for our upstairs bedroom.  The air conditioner surprisingly did the job we were hoping…due to the fact that our bedroom is at the end of the hall (window is directly across the room from the door) we set up a fan to blast the cool air down the hallway, and alas the entire upstairs is cool.  My savings account really appreciated the fact that it only cost $80 instead of $1500 for central air. However I really didn’t really want to lay around in our bedroom all day either…This is where the red-necking begins.

We picked up a 5 foot diameter pool, about 2 feet deep.  Yep a little kitty pool for me to lounge my feet in. It may be one of my new favorite things.  It has provided much entertainment- between the dog’s version of swimming to the nieces and brother joining the party…We had 3 adults, 2 young children and a dog thoroughly entertained for one sweltering afternoon.  I can only imagine what passers-by may have thought.  We may have lived up to the title.

Considering this child of ours HATES baths and is not a fan of swimming this was pretty monumental.

He was quite intrigued by the funky design on the bottom of the pool and tried pawing at them several times with out success to get them to move.

We put in one of his toys so he wouldn’t get too pissed off by not getting the design on the bottom of the pool to move.  We were shocked when he did this…



Now add a brother, a few children, some buckets to play with, and a few adult beverages for the non-pregnant one (and the kids of course) and we have ourselves a very entertaining little pool party.


Amazing how fun cleaning off the patio can be when you have 2 kids, a kitty pool and buckets. This may have been an interpretive dance by McKenna- there’s really no telling!

But leave it to Payton to be daring enough to do this.

Did I mention water from the hose is only about 65 degrees…it’s a shock to the system at first! Hence, none of us are sitting IN the pool.  Such cheap entertainment.  Who says you can’t have fun during a recession.  We had plenty 🙂 And everyone thought we bought the pool for our child…silly fools.

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