Newest Addition to our family :)

Made you look…no I don’t have ultrasound pictures to post yet (3 more weeks- and we are not finding out the gender of our unborn child until birth).

Due to the increasing size of our family (and dog) and the monthly trips across state to see the husband’s family my good old friend “Strat,” whose been with me thick and thin over the last nine years and all 175,000 miles, has moved on to a “new” and younger owner.  We said our final good-bye’s this past Sunday.  I sure hope he’s happy, he’s been so good to me.

With that said, I’d like to introduce Pilot (pronounced Pe-lo…like she’s a good French wine)….either way she is a 2006 Honda Pilot (it’s really pronounced just like it’s spelled…like the person who drives an airplane).  She made her entry into our family 3 weeks ago and has just been upgraded to a comfy spot in our garage. We are very appreciative of her roominess, hidden storage compartments and ability to turn on a dime.  I’m looking forward to many wonderful years and countless family memories with her!


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