Semi-Pro Photo Shoot.

You may remember this post regarding the purchase and experimentation of my new camera.  Well it has been put to good use numerous times already.  This past weekend I had my first true opportunity to put it into a formal Photo Shoot taking pictures of my nieces.

I set up a make shift “studio” in my dining room where the natural light is awesome.  I had 2 ivory comforter covers that I was no longer using so I hung one and placed the other on the floor.  Here’s the pre-shoot set up and a practice shot of the husband and child.



The morning of the shoot, I had my 2 older nieces stop over and thought I’d practice with a few different angles and all.  Seeing how they’d had their picture taken a million and seven times, it was pretty easy to tell them different poses. In all honesty, they were sharing their ideas of poses with me and we made it work.





It wasn’t long until Dakota, the nearly 2-year-old, showed up for her shoot.  We tried to start inside, however it was difficult to keep her focused.

I did manage to sneak a couple shots in, but I’m not overly excited about the lighting/shadows in the background.  We quickly realized she was in no mood to be entertained….she wanted to head outside and explore.  Which was a much more difficult task to get a good angle on this active little girl!  We were able to catch some of her “exploring” to get her warmed up to the camera.  I always tend to love these pictures over the posed ones as it catches subjects in their natural state and make the shoot much more comfortable.




(everything is safer when you have a few animals to protect you).

We were able to head back in for one more attempt at a few shots and we were somewhat successful. Dakota has a very tomboy type personality…and I feel like that this expression and image really captures who she really is.


And sometimes we just need to trick them a little.  During this next little segment we were able to get her up to our level- which she loved.  She was laughing and giggling only to throw out requests for “Down” and interject some outstretched arms patiently waiting to be done here.  This this little game of trickery seemed to work quite well, seeing how this active little girl was always on the go- which can make taking pictures a bit more difficult.


We took a break, had an outfit change and headed out to my parents for a change in scenery.  The outside lighting had softened tremendously which made the angle much more forgiving than the direct light earlier in the day. You could tell she was much more comfortable there as she was really hamming it up.  The next are several series of pictures that really put the icing on the cake for this photo shoot!







Sometimes the things you don’t plan for really make the memories worthwhile! All and all it was a great day.  Thanks Dakota, Cindy and Gma for making the shoot so much fun. Perhaps I’ve highlighted a few of the better 298 pictures that I took, which may make your selection easier.  I’ll leave you with one final picture of Dakota who is all done with pictures for today!


If any of you want to see the remaining 200 plus picture they are posted in my Picassa album

Can’t wait to do more of this in the future…let me know if you are interested and we can talk!


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