Update on the bump!

I’m currently 18 weeks Pregnant…baby is apparently getting fat this week.  I’ll be able to SEE my baby for the first time in next week. Warning: If I inadvertently refer to baby as he, it’s because I think IT sounds tacky.  I’ll go into detail on this later!

Highlights this week:  Baby is still alive and ON THE MOVE.  This past weekend, baby and I spent a weekend morning lying on the couch with the big brother Diesel.  I initially thought it was just a big gas bubble gurgling it’s way through my inner parts, but things move up toward my chest.  At any rate, Diesel took a liking to the baby and decided to play.  Baby and Diesel had a fun little game of Fetch and hide and Seek going for a while.  Diesel would bring over a toy to my belly and set it right where baby was moving around, and wait patiently for mom to throw it.  Each time he brought it back to my belly, set it down and waited patiently!

Symptoms: While most of the puking has resided (although not entirely), it’s been replaced by another pesky symptom which has decided to creating a raging fire in my throat.  Quite honestly this has been going for weeks and the only relief I am finding is to eat ice and drink cold water. We have decided that since heartburn is a symptom of baby having lots of hair- we should plan on getting “Shaggy” a hair cut during his first week of life.

Difficulty: I am definitely showing! My little bump was certainly noticed by my inability to bend down to put my shoes on without baby getting in the way.  This week the bumb evn surpassed the boobs, which are HUGE…I am officially a D cup in case you were curious.  Maternity clothes have not been a forte.  While the majority of me remains a medium, my boobs are definitely needing a large top.  The maternity pants saga continues.

Cravings:  I feel I’m living the diet of a 3-year-old picky eater.  I am currently surviving on String Cheese, Total Cereal, Cream of Wheat, Wild Rice and Mac N Cheese, and Mashed Potatoes…No carbs there!.  Strangely many healthy foods taste very sour or bitter!  I’m still gulping milk straight from the gallon although water is truly my beverage of choice these days.

Repulsed by: My sniffer is still overly strong. Smells knock me into a state of nausea. I am still not able to clean up after the dog without a puking episode.

Questions of the Week Month: “Are you going to find out the gender?”  “Do you have names picked out?”
Gender: To each my answer is “no” for the record, which surprisingly everyone is so pleased yet surprised.  Apparently that is very unlike new parents of my generation.  While it’s partially due to the fact that we want to keep it a surprise, it’s also due to my unwillingness to change the nursery based on the gender of our child.  We already have the walls painted as I like them, I want the furniture to have dark wood with everything else to remain neutral.  We also intend to have more kids int he future so I don’t want to get EVERYTHING based on the gender of this child when the next child may not be a fan of pink or blue.  With that said, it’s easier for me to call baby a “he” over an “it.”
Names:  I think this is a personal question.  We have lots of names picked out- none that we agree on completely.  In order to satisfy people’s need to know I have decided Fred & Wilma would be great names.  If you would like to share your ideas that’s great…we are compiling a list of names that we like for both genders.  I should note having both my husband and I being teachers it’s hard to choose names that don’t remind us of many of our students- which can skew things.  When baby is born we will decide which name we both mutually agree upon that fits the looks of our child.  You may not like the names I pick it out, but it’s harder to be repulse when you have an amazingly beautiful baby in your arms…and you may or may not tell me your opinion after seeing the child.

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