27 weeks

Actually I’m 28 weeks- the picture is a week old.

In less than 3 months we’ll have a baby.  How’s that for craziness?

Here’s how I look:

Here’s how I feel:

Good!  I have resorted to sleeping on the couch every night now- I just sleep SO much better.  Diesel migrates between keeping Brent and I company in our separate beds/rooms/levels of the house throughout the night.  I sleep often- every night requires a nap.  The heartburn has never ceased so I live with it.  I found chewing gum (even in my sleep) really makes it most manageable.  Some of the major triggers tend to be the fattening foods. For example no fried food-or McDonald’s food in general, no chocolate, nothing with red sauce (even pizza) or even sweets, or salty foods in most cases.  While there is no rule against these thing I pay mercifully for it later. It’s keeping my weight gain under control thankfully. This should come in handy for overeating throughout the holidays.  While I really don’t have many “craving” a few things I found are safe and I tend to gravitate towards them.  They include fruit snacks, Hot turkey and cheese sandwiches on wheat bread, pasta-as long as the sauce is mild- (mac and cheese works well with me), Sherbert, rice, oh morning staple  is Total cerael or Chex….and LOTS of milk.  This kid should have good bones the way I’ve been drinking milk by the gallon.

Speaking of weight gain, I just hit the 20lbs mark. It’s always an interesting experience stepping on the scale. Hopefully a portion of that will diminish the moment baby arrives.  I still have permission to exercise which has been nice outlet.  I take the dog for a walk 2-3 times per week.  I have noticed our pace has given me a workout in recent week.  The lower portions of my belly notice it first.  Thankfully there a few places I can let the dog off-leash so he can get the running in that he needs.  I also just completed with our volleyball season.  Things were well for the most part.  My coordination seemed a bit off…but never anything that would harm baby.  Now its 3 months of finding things to keep me active.  I’m pretty well detained to walking at this point, as the jarring of running has been to uncomfortable for some time.

The greatest change is getting used to an oversized-hard belly.  It not like I can squeeze my fat to manuever in ways I once did.  I literally have a hard little basketball hanging out in my belly…things like putting on my shoes/socks is a little interesting, or getting up out of our oversized chair requires some rocking motion.  I find that my belly tries to find way to peak out occasionally…especially in my pj’s.  It’s not unusual for me to wake up to a bare belly exposing itself!

I don’t have pictures at this point, but we have begun the process of setting up baby’s room.  We have a crib set up with a few decor plans in the works.  Stay tuned, I’ll try to post in coming weeks.

Overall things are swell.  I can’t believe we only have 3 months left!


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