Signs of Thanksgiving

October completely through me for a loop, and November has taken me by storm…where is the time going?  Approximately October 30th I realized I still hadn’t decorated for fall, and I had a plethora of things available to display for the festivities that the calendar claimed were quickly approaching.  Seeing I had all of one day to prepare for Halloween, I opted to completely glaze over that holiday and prepare for “fall” instead.  If I wouldn’t be prepared for Halloween, at least I’d have a month to enjoy the Thanksgiving decor.

Without further ado here’s a few pics to my holidays straight.

The good thing about decorating so late is you can find GREAT deals- thanks to Michael’s for having 60-80% off all their fall decor!  The Pumpkins I had left over from our wedding decor.  This center piece is actually 2 wreaths that I laid on top of each other to add some depth..price tag: $3.00 for both

You may be able to see in the background I added some glittery fall  garland to our buffet, put a few pictures into the mix and a 3-piece candle display to the center for some height.  These were all things I had (lots of pretty fall garland from our wedding as you will see throughout).

Next up- the kitchen.  One of the things I loved about our house was the ability to decorate on top of the cupboards.  In the next 2 pictures I didn’t do much- just added some fall garland (again left over from the wedding) and rearranged some things to spice it up a bit.

To add just a little touch on the counter, I took my beloved set of apothecary jars (the birthday present from the husband- good taste huh), and added whole coffee beans.  Again thanks to Michael’s the fall fruit mix was merely 30 cents.

Now with a little bit of Thanksgiving spirit, I’m in the mood to cook and bake.  I’ll save that savory post for later 🙂


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