my challenge for Consumer Report Magazine.

It’s amazing what you can learn while waiting at the Doctor’s office.  Today I had some time to occupy at the Dr. office so I rummaged through some magazines, I didn’t have a huge selection and ended up with the Consumer Reports- riveting reading let me you!

Any way I found an article on way to improve indoor air quality, not something I was overly interested in, but it filled the time none the less.  It suggested some very practical things such as not allowing smoking indoors, and removing any type of chemicals.  It then went on to describe how room deodorizers and air freshners have harsh chemicals that can affect the indoor air quality.  They suggested removing the source of the bad odor in the first place, by throwing out old rotting food, or by cleaning to remove bacteria that can create foul odors. Hmm…pretty logical, right?

Well what if the source of the odor is someone’s butt?  How do I politely “get rid of the source of the odor” as suggested?  I’m just saying is all!!!

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