Approaching parenthood

I type this blog during the only moment of free time i have = 2: 53 AM.  While things have been stellar for the last several weeks of pregnancy, I am battling insomnia at the moment and thought I’d be productive.

In all honesty, I hit the third trimester over a month ago and things have been fabulous (I’m sure I’ll eat these words in a few weeks).  I have gotten the heartburn under control- unfortunately holiday sweets spikes it into a intolerable trait- so my weight will thank me later.  Sleeping through the night has been an on-and-off challenge, however I really can’t complain when I take a 2 hour nap before going to bed.  Cravings have stayed under control the entire pregnancy no late night rendezvous.  Milk may have been the one consistent staple! The growing “basketball-ness” of the belly has limited my range of motion, so things like tying my shoes have become a think of the past.  Thankfully slip-ons are in style, right?!?

What has been the most exciting change is the crazy acrobatics going on inside of me.  I’m not sure when this child sleeps (I really hope baby is forced into tranquility by seeing daylight ;)…but I may want to sign it up for either martial arts or gymnastics, if characteristics in utero carry over.  Baby has some mad skills. From the outside things seem subliminal- especially when baby is aware there is an audience.  A little hand on the belly and you would sense a completely different story.  Brent’s favorite pregnancy quotes thus far: “get off the cervix, get off the cervix” or “seriously child, can’t you find some other organ to play with…my bladder is exhausted!”

I know I’ve promised pictures of baby’s room…it’s coming.  I decided to take care of this we call Christmas, hence baby decorating has taken a backseat. It also requires my husband to take the GUN paraphernalia out of the baby’s room- I’m hoping some public attention to the matter will miraculously find a peaceful solution :).  The husband is also tackling the project of building a dresser/changing table to find my specifications.  We were unsuccessful in finding the right combination to fit our needs.  The husband was tied up catering to outdoor Christmas decorating, hunting, and helping a friend build some Christmas gifts…so I’ve been assured it will happen starting the day after Christmas!

We have FINALLY registered, and that was a task utterly confusing for the new parents to be.  I hope our sense of practicality took a front seat to the craziness of crap they say we need.  Maybe I’ll be a cruel mother, but tell me why I need to warm the wipes before cleaning the shit off my child’s bum.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had a luxurious warm wad of toilet paper before wiping my ass.  I’m just saying! If I’m missing something and setting myself up to be a horrible mother please let em know now- I can change my ways if warm wipes=sleeping baby!

Speaking of sleeping baby…our dog child is patiently awaiting cuddle time.  While I’m totally planning on posting before the holidays, Wedensday at 1 PM is quickly approaching….we are braving the predicted blizzards to spend the holidyas with Brent’s family on the other side of the state.  I haven’t seen the family or crew of friends since Memorial Day weekend.  I guess I was pregnant then, but even I didn’t know it!  I hope you have have a jouyous holiday season. 🙂

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