Year in Review-2009

Rather than trying to recount the events of my life in 2009…I share with you 12 months of status updates according to facebook.  I’ll warn you it’s the unabridged version- but I really am surprised how little I actually communicated with y’all this year. I’d have to say the most exciting month was July- lots of news and explorations that month.  No promises for what 2010 will bring (other than some baby pictures in about a month 🙂

just discovered she gets a wireless signal in her living room. Thanks neighbor
just got here REAL wedding pictures…want to see them, I’ll post a link in my wall!

is listening to her husband gravel over his beer-making abilities
just imported her blog to her notes. There are 100 things that make me happy posted in my Happy List. I prefer to NOT duplicate my services 🙂
just spent over an hour writing my 25 random things (thanks to how amazing SLOW facebook is) only to have it disappear as I was trying to post it!
re-attempted her top 25…just for you! It worked this time.
is missing 55 degree weather!
was just notified our gallery image from our wedding photographers is in. We are too poor this week to drive 4 hours to get it or I would…in a heartbeat
is in such a better mood when she wakes up to a Friday morning with Diesel cuddling like a puppy, warm sun during the drive, and greeted by cookies on my desk
is getting ready to be bundled up for the day…damn wind!
is thinking too hard!
thinks you NEED to see my latest video compilation! See my video of our beloved child 🙂


is figuring out how to make the next 30 minutes of work go by really fast!
Just got home from a speedy weekend in Chicago to a find a oh-so beautiful iMac sitting on my desk! What a lovely husband I have!

is facebooking on her new blackberry
is navigating through the morning with 2 silly little girls, and a dog child
is relieved to be rid of her 3 week headache
used 2 b a UNC fan cuz I liked the state of nc, and tarheel blue is pretty! but last night I was rooting for green. 😦
is watching her niece Dakota. she’s singing 2 me now
is pretty darn sick
is heading out for some fabulous triathalon training…because I can!

spent a beautiful day with the Brewers! they won… woowoo! I guess that makes me a psuedo-fan
Thinks it’s a little strange when complete strangers want to have a conversation with you WHILE going to the bathroom.
is just chillin on a park bench in Milwaukee…must love summer
is about to pick up the rat of her new dining room set….Counter stools and buffet! Is this a sign of old age?!
would prefer to be at home landscaping!
If everyone drank a coke and ate a Reese’s in the afternoon we might all experience world peace for 3 minutes!
is making her 3rd 4 hour trek in 3 weeks! Ross this one’s 4 u!

survived day 1 of camp…despite a close call with a porcupine and a drill sargeant!
is finally catching up on sleep!(attending a conference and getting some down time)

is PREGO…(not the spaghetti sauce either)
Will not get a broken nose this fourth of July…right Doug Crain?!
is the token sober one among a sea of drunkeness! the entertainment value is fading fast!
is maxin and relaxing in the pedicure chair! much needed!
is just getting home from grad class. Hopefully I can sneak in a walk with the dog-child b4 dark!
is waiting to see the OB
was optimistic that the puking would stop by now! That’s what you get for being optimistic.
is having a rummage sale!
is driving through southern Illinois…thrilling scenery!
just set up camp in the Smokey Mts. I’m enjoying the view from Adam & Steve right now! Tomorrow the craziness begins
left the mountains and am heading 2 see the cousins!
Just chilling with the cousins for our last night in North Carolina before we trek back!

is waiting patiently for her husband to return with the parts to fix our bum trailer!
is home safe from our adventurous trip…off to pick up our dog child!
Thinks it’s rather humorous that my husband and I are sleeping in separate beds. (no worries) He can’t tolerate sleeping in 60+ degree temps upstairs so has resorted to sleeping on an air mattress in the basement.
Is not fond of maternity jeans. It’s hard enough to find tall pants to begin with…now I look like I’m wearing floods with a saggy crotch…it’s quite the fashion statement!
is sitting in an airport for the next 3 hours because some stupid person decide to change my itinerary this morning without notifying the passenger!
word to the wise, don’t piss off a pregnant woman then take away lunch and deprive her of wireless internet access!
there is a god and he just gave me wireless internet access!!
is wilting! (in Texas)
was completely scammed last night on our private JFK assassination tour, but it was worth the adventure!
Someone has declared war in my head…one massive headache!
is heading to the airport with her VAD
is experiencing the same fabulous travel screw up.
has landed in Milwaukee only 3 more hours in an airport
has resorted to eating TUMS as a snack!
is a self-determined expert at skeet shooting. First time last night and I beat the husband. Maybe I should take up duck hunting…you know in my free time 🙂
Just woke up from a 4 hour nap! How is it that I’m still tired?

Just wasted the last 4 hours lying in bed. What a funny concept to actually try to sleep at night. All I have to say is GRRR!
My newest addiction is black Cherry Kool-Aid!
can’t stand crumbs on the counter!
This day just can’t go fast enough!
going for a bike ride with the husband before settling in to watch the packer game!
wish I could say “i can’t wait for the weekend”…but that implies I’d be looking forward to 12 hours of grad school UGHLA!
Learning about computer hardware—so far over my head! So glad the husband “gets it!”
Another night awake @ 3 AM trying to fall back to sleep- no such luck!
Chewing ice is better than eating 20 tums an hour! Make it stop!

has never seen so many old men congregating for coffee than today at McDonalds
celebrated her 1 year wedding anniversary, last year it was nearly 80, today there are snow flurries
Thanks for all the anniversary wishes 🙂 Crazy how much can happen in a year. Next year by this time we’ll be sporting a 6 month old child (the human kind).
Wide awake and thinking…hate it when my mind just can’t rest!
It’s been over 2 months since I’ve updated my blog?!?!?! OMG I have so much to say.

Has found a way to be stylish and pregnant…not an easy task, and it may end tomorrow 😉
has reached the state of complete crabiness.
Trans Siberian Orchestra rocked for over 3 hours last night, insanely amazing light show- not to mention the music. I could use about 6 more hours of sleep this am!
is still hungry!
Whoa, maybe it’s just because I’m pregnant- but EVERYONE seems to be having a babies. What fun!
Is crashing…and I still have 5 more hours of work left ;(
A whole day with nothing planned…oh the opportunities 🙂
Slept in her own bed all night- this is something to celebrate! Of course my husband still slept in the other room as I have a tendency to move constantly trying to get comfortable. You try coordinating a 20lb basketball on your belly, a sore shoulder and back, and 5 pillows- it’ s a task going to bed!

thinks Christmas lights are magical!
my list of things to do tonight… run the dog, laundry, grocery shop, finish decorating, finish wedding scrapbook what did I do? took a nap!
really liked the big snow flakes that were falling- so pretty!
Just completed our Wedding Scrapbook! Definitely a task- but I’m really happy with it.
Heidi and baby are on our way to Washington DC. so far things are much better than our last trip together!
Is sad she missed the St. Nick festivities AGAIN this year.
is gearing up for some interesting travel back to Wisconsin
all I want for Christmas is a full night of sleep! I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be asking for the same thing next year!
Baby is apparently running a marathon today!
should probably start xmas shopping one of these days!
only gained 2 lbs since my last Dr’s visit 5 weeks ago…pretty good considering the holidays. Only 7 weeks left!


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