8 months and rollin’

On Saturday there was an uproar of feminine hormones spewing “awe’s” all about.  Friends and family of all ages joined me at my baby shower, including my best friend EVER- Megs all the way from New York.  Literally she flew into Wisconsin  just for my baby shower- that’s devotion.  (more on baby shower later- complete with pictures)

Among the many spontaneous things that Megan is know for- including rocking out with my belly we decided to go “rollin” aka- bowling after dinner. The path leading us to dinner required several shakes on the Urban Spoon and a few creative maneuvers.  We ended up at HuHot around 7:30 PM after deciding at 6 PM that we weren’t willing to wait 2 hours for dinner, but apparently 1.5 hours was okay.  While waiting to eat Megan, the husband, and I bellied ourselves up to the bar…Megan with her martini and Brent with his import brew soon realized they had a designated driver.  Many inappropriate comments were spewed about and one that actually came to fruitation was the idea of going Bowling at 8 months pregnant.

Now before you get all mother-like on me.  I am fully aware of my limitations, and my husband would not allow me to do anything that may harm myself or the baby- with my great state of coordination that list is really small these days.  Bowling was okay with specific limitations- ball had to be under 8 lbs- tricky to find.  Proper posture and bending techniques must be adhered to- again quite tricky to squat while releasing a bowling ball.  Finally if the back or other areas were bothering me I immediately needed to stop. Agreed!

Everyone keep calling the baby-belly a basketball but I think bowling ball seems quite comparable! Clearly Megan’s petite build doesn’t quite compare to a 8 month house, but either way- we got a good laugh. 

The next picture I’m a bit more self-conscious about.  My belly button has been protruding since about week 20.  In fact, early in pregnancy when it first started popping out I was pushing my niece on the swings when her innocence sent me into a state of elation.  “Aunt Heidi, I can see the baby’s nose sticking out (referring to my protruding belly button).”  Looking at this picture I can see why she might think that, however I certainly hope our child’s nose isn’t THAT big!


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