Baby Shower

Nearing the final stretch of pregnancy my mom and sister-in-law hosted a baby shower at my aunt’s house nearly 2 weeks ago, and we are still trying to find a place for everything.  Seeing how creative my girls were I thought I’d share the fun stuff with you all.

My aunt lives closer to where most guest would be traveling from and she has a nice size house to host a large group so she offered to offer up her place, and of course with her creative touch she always has something to marvel at.  Here’s a picture of the center piece (and one more reason for me to love apothecary jars). Amazing what happens with some bright-colored tissue paper, ribbon and a few baby items.  Clever way to wrap a gift….

A party in my family is never short on food either, so here’s the gathering place for most get togethers 🙂

Notice the accents of pink and blue amazingly delicious cut-out cookies (baby feet) and cupcakes- I think i had seven each.  Also the adorably adorned diaper cake- complete with over 70 diapers and a few baby essentials.  Here’s a closer look…

The fun began with a few games including baby bingo finding someone to fill a square with to have something in common with either mom or baby (ie weighed over 9 lbs at birth- yes I was a miniature horse nestled inside my mumma).  Everyone was also adorned with cute pink or blue clothespins- in the event you said the work “baby” someone could steal you clothes pin.  My mother’s cruel and unusual game is freezing little babies in little cups of ice and whoever’s water  breaks first gets a prize.  And finally the ribbon around the belly. Here’s a picture of Megs with the game materials.

Speaking of Megan- talk about an amazing friend… flew in all the way from NYC just to spend time with me and my buddha for the baby shower weekend.  She was a huge fan of the buddha as well by constantly rubbing and dancing with it.  Perhaps the most tactile any one person has ever been with my belly in a 2-hour period.  (Love ya Megs)

We made out way into the gift opening, of which there was lots of fabulous loot!

My nieces were extremely helpful in handing out the goods, helping me open and share in the excitement of how absolutely adorable everything was.

I’ll post  a picture later in the post of all the goods, but I wanted to highlight a one in particular that brought a good laugh to the crowd.  The week prior to my baby shower in childbirth classes they had talked about what to pack to take to the hospital, so this gift was so perfect.  Brent has been “complaining’ that everything is about mom…what about dad.  Well one of my friends pulled through and got him a “Daddy Calming Bag” complete with all the essentials to make his stay in the hospital more comfortable.

Included in the Daddy Bag was a can of beer, a jar of peanuts, a deck of cards, flexafun building sticks, rubix cube, 3-D car modelling kit (seen here), stress ball, and a note pad filled with notes to guide his through process throughout labor and delivery…very commical and thoughtful!

The next day I had the joy of taking everything out of the package and beginning to find a home for all the goods.  As I was putting things out I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to get a picture of all of the gifts from the shower.  So here you have it!

Since this picture was taken we have also received a gift nearly everyday on our doorstep. A play mat, lots more diapers and bathing essentials (including soap, lotion, hooded bath towels, bath toys), the travel system (car seat and stroller), and bedding (sheet set and comforter, additional receiving blankets, and one big cuddly blanket that I love resting my face on from time to time)!

Thanks to the many who participated and contributed to the festivities.  It certainly is a an exciting time as the final weeks wind down until we can meet our little guy or girl!


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