Baby’s Room!

We have reached a point of satisfaction to house and comfort the much-anticipated child who may join us any day now! Much of the room was handcrafted and created by the future mom and dad.  Keeping things gender neutral we opted for Stripes and Polka Dots in various colors.  Thankfully the walls were already painted with the subtle stripes you’ll see, so we went with it.

Believe it or not, the baby’s room began with a wall hanging design.  The husband cut the wood, the wife put her feeble mind to work to create this!

Each 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 board was painted dark brown (left over paint from our living room).  A 12×12 sheet of polka scrapbook paper was cut into 6×6 squares and then applied to the wood with Modge Podge and later secured by small tacks (the husband did the tacking since the paper kept loosening).  The word DREAM is from a set of self-adhesive set of 4 inch chipboard (Paper Studio from Hobby Lobby) that was painted with Maroon acrylic paint.  The 5 remaining brown boards were painted with a blob of baby blue acrylic paint to accent the letters.  The letters were adhered with an epoxy after the self-adhesive was determined not to be strong enough.  Total cost for this project…about $3. since much of it was scraps I had lying around in my stash of goodies.

Next up was the Crib and bedding- which was all purchased.  Since I already had my colors in mind (Light blue, red, brown and bright  green) finding something that wasn’t too cutesy was a challenge.  Both the Crib and Bedding were purchased at Target.  Thanks to a registry discount, sale and several baby shower gift cards….we stayed well within our budget!

If you notice the shelf to the left- again homemade by the husband and had laid in our basement awaiting a home.  It worked out perfectly to hold a picture frame and baby monitor.  We were given the soothing sleep sounds and light attached to the crib.  It’s a voice activated machine that will flash different colors of light and play womb sounds (which sounds more like ocean sounds to me) for 10 minutes.  But thankfully if it drives me crazy I can manually turn it on and off and do just lights or just sound too!

The next item was a dresser.  I was looking for something practical that could last the child’s entire life, yet be functional as a dresser and changing table.  We looked everywhere and things were either HUGE, or completely out of our price range.  So being the handy Husband I have, he designed and built a dresser.

The drawers are huge, but will easily be filled.  The cabinet on the left has adjustable shelving to help hide anything else that needs a home.  Since this picture we have added the changing pad on top with soft plush cover, and the essentials that you see (diapers, wipes, etc).

To bring things together I wanted to add some curtains to the currently sterile white Roman Shades in the room.  Since finding something to match was painful, and I didn’t like the ones that came with the bedding set, I decided to make them.  I am not a sewing machine so this was a test of my patience.  Luckily when I stopped at the Fabric Store I found the perfect color textile fabric (artichoke is the color) and was on sale for less than $3 a yard (originally $15 per yard).  Having no idea, I picked up 3 yards.  After strolling the store a bit more, I also found hemming iron on tape which was suggested for window treatments (AKA- no sewing involved), and then stumbled upon curtain rods and rings (also 40 % off).  Altogether the curtains came to less than $40.  When I initially started making them I had one design in mind, then hung then and thought I’d try another design and see which one I like better. And I still can’t decide for sure.  Your thoughts?

The only thing we are still planning to get is a glider and ottoman which will actually be in the corner where the dresser is now, and the dresser will be more centered on the wall.  The wall across the crib (above the dresser) will be adorned with homemade personalized items once baby is born.

One last shot of the entire room, complete with baby’s self-proclaimed security guard (Diesel seriously loves hanging out on the floor in this room).

Now all we need is a Baby, which could be any day now! 🙂


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  1. Leslie

    I like the valence on the right.

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