Bad Dream

D-day (Due date) has come and gone and it is all becoming a bit surreal.  This past week has been filled with several ridiculously outrageous pregnancy dreams shared both by the husband and I.

In one I went to the bar to find my husband cause I was in labor at 3 AM.  No one was around but a random person whose blog I follow.  I proceeded to give birth on the bar floor with several bar rags put down to keep the area clean.

In another, I had given birth to cow (like the animal).  It was at least a boy from what I remember.

And most recently, the husband had a dream that I wasn’t able to wake him up to take me to the hospital.

In reality, the fact that I have had numerous occasions of STRONG contractions that meet the 5 minutes apart, 1 minute long only to have them fade after a half hour is becoming a bad dream.  As is the fact that I’m now sick with a cold and can’t breathe.

With a little patience I’ll wake up and all my dreams will come true.  I’ll keep you posted.


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