12 hours and counting

In less than 12 hours I will be admitted to the hospital to be induced.  These last 12 hours will be the last time I will not be a mom (of a human).  I am currently 42 weeks pregnant…hard to believe that’s over 10 months of a little creature growing inside me.  To date I have gained way too much weight (40lbs) and have swollen in places I didn’t know swelled.  I currently sleep with 7 pillows and am up every 2-3 hours either out of discomfort or from pressure of an unborn child on my bladder. In the last few weeks I have finally picked up a ridiculous cravings for sweets, anything sugary- jelly beans, jello, kool-aid.  I continue to walk 30-45 minute (or longer if we go out in the woods) at least 4 times per week.  Contractions have been happening steadily for the past 3 weeks, with little impact on the labor process.  My thermostat is about 5 degrees higher than normal.  While it’s been helpful on the heating bill, our water bill might see an increase.  I have taken a liking to hot showers and baths at least 2 times per day.  It helps relieve the discomfort…and sometimes an attempt to relax at 4 AM so I can get just a few hours of sleep.  I officially started my maternity leave from work on Wednesday and have the next 6-9 weeks (going back part-time after 6 weeks, full-time after 9 weeks) to enjoy every waking (and sleeping) moment with our new child.  I am grateful to have had the last 3 days off get my little nest ready….I don’t know if our house has been this clean since we moved in!  Diesel has learned the words of gentle and has acquired a sense of smell toward diapers and baby powder.  He often senses my discomfort and will come sit next to me while I try to relax when the contractions are bad.  Petting him does help get my mind of the discomfort, but unfortunately they don’t allow dogs in the birthing room!

Being 2 weeks overdue has also affected my social life.  I am so sick of people asking questions that I have avoided public venues for the last few days in hopes to avoid the frustration.  While I completely understand people’s concern the pregnancy is really wearing on me.  We have been ready for over a month, but tomorrow the long-awaited anticipation finally comes to end when we get to meet our little one. There’s nothing comparable to the excitement I am feeling right now!

See you on the flip side 🙂


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  1. GOOD LUCK!!! Hope all goes well.

    And if I go two weeks overdue, people will be killed. There are no two ways about it…god bless you’re patience!

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