tiny blessings

I sit here and type with my little man curled up on my chest sleeping away because I’m not willing to pass this opportunity by.  I could have a hands free moment and offer him to the bouncy seat, swing, or cradle…all wonderful in their own way…but I love to be with him every minute of every day. Right now he has a nasally little breathing pattern going, almost a miniature snore that I absolutely love.

But as I look back at this past week, I can already see his features changing ever so slightly.  I want to remember every little detail of him- his looks, his features, his sounds.  And so thanks to advice from others we have begun capturing everything via camera and video.  Please note: this is for me as much it is the rest of the world, so that I can remember what my first few weeks with my son were like.

Your ears– they were the first thing I remember focusing in on immediately after you were born.  When they set you on my chest I couldn’t help but notice how perfect they were.  I knew you could hear everything around you (which was affirmed by you hearing test) and so I began talking with you whenever we were together.  It has paid off….when you begin to scream I can get close to you and say “Caleb, it okay, mommy is here” you tend to settle down and really focus in with your eyes.  It seems to bring you some comfort even if temporary and that makes my well with tears of joy.

Your forehead and hair– your full head of hair is what has caught the attention of so many.  You are blessed my dear, and what most of your uncles and grandpa wouldn’t give for a head of hair like yours.  The top of your head and forehead are the carpet by which I like to run my lips over giving you sweet kisses while you sleep.  It’s the platform for my hands to make you feel secure.  Your dark hair is so long and soft and entertains daddy.  He loves to find different styles to give you just a hint more personality (as if you needed any help in that department).  This is one feature that we certainly can account to mom for….as she was born with a full head of dark black hair and needed a haircut at 3 weeks old.

Your eyebrows might not be the most defined at this stage in the game, but it is the one feature which you utilize most often to give your face expression.  You have tendency to raise them as you look at me, or to crinkle them up as you are just waking up.  Your eyebrows tell me a little more about you each time I look at you.  Your expressions are priceless, and your dreams must be vivid as you are constantly making the faces to suggest so.

Your Hands and Arms are constantly busy.  You have a way of always getting your hands up by your face.   You love to fall asleep with your cheeks resting on your hands.  Your long fingers were accompanied by long fingernails which we were advised to nibble off to prevent the risk of cutting or tearing them at this paper-thin stage.  You scare mom all the time by you tactile ways if grabbing your face.  You’ve had a few scratches to the face already so we’ve had to hide those beauty’s in mittens.  I admire your hands for all the wonderful works they will create, or the words they will write.  Your hands are constantly exploring the world around you.

Your 10 long toes and 2 skinny feet is one of my most favorite places to admire.  Dad immediately blamed mom for your scaly feet- which was actually due to you being over done- or 2 weeks overdue! Mom loves to rob your soft little heels while you feed or sleep.  Your little piggies seem as long as your beautiful fingers.  You often buckle your legs to your chest as if there just isn’t enough room in my arms. Your leg bones and feet still have slight curve to them thanks to 9 months of tight quarters.  Just today as you were being changed you did a full body stretch.  It was glorious (for me anyway)!

Your cheeks and mouth are character traits on most infants. I think you get your mouth from your daddy. Your top lip sticks out ever so slightly over the bottom lip.  Your lips harness the cooing and smacking when you are hungry to teh wailing cries when you are mad or uncomfortable.  Your cry is so uncomfortable for mom to hear, but very sweet at the same time.  Your lips help communicate your needs and your cheeks go along with the party.  Speaking of cheeks, they are so round, soft, an d flow right into your expanding neckline .  When you smile in your sleep or while eating (which makes a mess) a small dimple emerges.  You smile so big sometimes we see your gums and tongue.  You also yawn and each time you pucker your lip to the right side…a trait I still tease your daddy about!

Your eyes stole my heart from the moment I met you.  When they laid you on my chest you looked up to me within a few seconds.  Your greyish blue eyes tell me so much about you.  While you are still learning to focus, you spend most of your waking hours looking around.  You have been alert from the moment you were born.  And it’s not uncommon for your curiosity to pull the expressions right out of you.  Each morning ( around 4 AM) we spend a little cuddle time just looking at each other.  There is so much conviction and trust in your eyes.  Even when you sleep, your eyes tell me that you are exploring the world of your dreams.  When you look at me I melt into a little ball of wax, yearning to watch you glow.  I spend countless hours just looking at you, admiring every hair that is out-of-place, every crusty spit up that has nestled on your neck, and every crinkle in your face that bleeds with expression.

Little man, I am so in love with you.  You are one tiny little blessing that has stolen your momma’s heart.


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