Big Brother!

Hey remember me, I am the first son this family had, and while I might not be a baby I still require some attention.

Just over 2 weeks ago my mom and dad came home after a few days away with this thing that cries.  I thought the sound was a bit annoying but apparently my parents find it cute as the photo shoots of me have been diverted.  When they came in the door they put this chair thing on the floor and introduced.  I was all excited, but for some reason they wouldn’t let me eat it or carry it around.  I was only allowed to sniff it and look at it…what fun is that?!?!?

Grandma & Grandpa O. came to stay with us for a little bit and thankfully they brought Buddy- a little dog for me to eat play with.  He tired me out quite a bit, which I guess was what my parents wanted.  Things got congested really quickly this crying stinky thing they brought home had all sorts of gadgets lying around the house that invade my floor space.  Grandma even had the nerve to sit in my chair, which is fine while I was trying to eat their dog… but when a man is tired he needs his chair.  No worries though, I made her think I was coming up to cuddle and managed to kick her right out of my chair.

After they left I thought they’d take this crying ball of attention away and I’d have mom and dad all to myself, but they left it here.  They just took back the little dog that I never successfully ate.  So now here I am sharing my space with this thing they call Caleb.  Mom has even resorted to calling me sweet nothings, which is kind of odd because she says these things to Caleb too…things like Sweet Pea, Baby, Precious, Love Bug…doesn’t she realize I am a grown man.  Gosh it’s so embarrassing.  Thankfully she doesn’t do it in public!  But it’s starting to look as though this little man is going to stay around for a while, so I’m learning to be nice.

I play watchdog while Caleb is sleeping it tends to get me a few more hugs and kisses and occasionally a few treats.  I work well with motivation!

Mom and dad still let me cuddle up with them on the couch, so I haven’t lost hope for them yet…maybe they see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m actually starting to like the kid.  They won’t let me lay on him, teach him how to roll over, or play tug-of-war yet but I’m sure I’ll convince them to trust me as time wears on.   Right now we are just starting to cuddle together.  I give him kisses from time to time, that makes my parents think I like him anyway.  He still finds me a bit strange I think, but I think he’s weird too so at least we are on the same page there!

No matter how long this little man sticks around, I know my family won’t turn their back on this adorable face  🙂


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