2 weeks

On Monday I celebrated my 2 week birthday, and mom her 30th.  Mom says celebrating my 2 weeks of life was much more exciting for her.

Just a refresher, here I am just one day old…

I was approximately 7 lbs 4 oz for this picture, I had lost about 4 oz the first day (birth weight was 7 lbs 8 oz). I spent most of my days wrapped in blankets and my outfits consisted of this white straight-jacket that the hospital provides. My first day involved a lot of sleeping as the night before was quite a shock to my system.  I came out screaming and WIDE awake, before finally getting exhausted and wanting to cuddle and rest all day long.

At one week old, I was holding my own.  My head was a bit less wobbly.  This week I discovered my hands, and I LOVE them!  I began sleeping with my hands above my head.  I suck on my hands any opportunity I get…they are always busy! By the end of the first week I had established a feeding routine.  I began stretching out more and more and was less of a little ball cuddled up.  My least favorite this is getting changed, especially when it involves anything going over my head.  Thankfully I avoided a prick to the heel by acing all signs that would require them to test for jaundice.  My scaly skin from being a little overdone in the womb has cleared up thanks to some olive oil after my first bath.

Speaking of baths, mom and dad were way to occupied during my first bath at home to snap some pictures.  However, bath 2 they were much more prepared.  By bath 3 mom did it solo… we are on our way to being bath pros.  One thing I have LOVED about baths since my very first night is getting my hair washed.

My hair gets a little crazy after washing it…I become a little Rico Sauve.  Either way this bath was just before my 2 weeks birthday.  At two weeks old, I now weigh 8 lbs. 10 oz. and the doctor was blown away.  I’ve grown over an inch (from 20.5 inches to 21.75 inches).  I’m in the 40th percentile for all my measurements, so at least my parts are proportional.   Apparently breast-feeding is going well, although mom may share otherwise depending on the day.  I am holding my head up for extended periods of time.  I am one strong little man who kicks and pushes on the arm of the chair while mom is trying to feed.  My eyes and hair are lightening up ever so slightly. My eyes are still a deep greyish blue and my hair is still dark brown.  Mom is finding that I’m beginning to shed, but not bald spots yet.

Mom has been able pump her excess milk, which has been fun to allow my dad to have feeding time with me.  My cousin’s also like to feed me too. If you notice, my hands must always be busy, so here I am helping dad hold the bottle at 2.5 weeks old.

You may remember my cousin Keaton, who was born 2 days after me…here we are.  I was 3 days old, Keaton was 1 day old!

Well Keaton came over to visit on Monday. At nearly 2 weeks old you can notice that we certainly aren’t brothers.  Keaton was born 3 weeks early and I was born 2 weeks late, so I’m a bit bigger right now.  But I’m sure he’ll catch up!
Here are Keaton and I with Grandpa,

…with Grandma,

…Grandma, Grandpa and cousin Dakota.

Our individual portraits show a bit more of our differences (Hair, eyes, mannerisms, etc)
Keaton Lee:

Caleb Ashton:

Amazing how quickly everything changes…or so they say. I can’t wait to get big, but mom tells me not to wish away my life, enjoy every moment 🙂
Until next week (or my next  post)…Love, Caleb

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