Gettin’ Jiggy with it!

Despite the less than perfect weather, we stuck with tradition and hit the streets last weekend for the annual New Dublin St. Patty’s day parade.  Being the new mom that I am I bundled up my little man and made sure he reflected the festivities and of course worried the entire time that he might be cold!

The parade has drawn in people of all sorts and typically the streets are lined 3 and 4 deep with spectators.  The 2-hour parade had over 130 entries this year including many local businesses, some firetrucks, a cabbage shooting cannon, new this year was a cheese curd launcher (it’s a Wisconsin thing), the hearse complete with coffin and Irish las’ in mourning, a few packs of bag-pipers, a few sets of Irish dancers.  I thought this jigger was especially good…

But what the kids really look forward to, are the many floats who hand out candy.  These 2 adorable little girls might have had some help from their aunt Heidi 🙂

The festivites usually are wrapped up with a stampede to the tent which is the size of central park to listen to some original Irish tunes and enjoy a few green brews.  It’s a good day to be Irish (even if you aren’t, they’ll accept you here)! Glad my little man was able to take part, maybe next year he’ll even be awake for some of it.

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