Caleb’s new do

At birth Caleb was born with a TON of hair, and despite everyone’s prediction, he hasn’t lost it.  He is developing a little male pattern balding, however for the most part…it’s still there and still growing.  Last night I decided that the hair in his eyes and mullet in the back wasn’t okay with me anymore.  It literally was in his eyes and the comb-over look was getting old.  So last night, at 3-months old, Caleb got his first haircut.  You can see from the sequence of pictures that he still looks like my little man, but a little more spruced up.


Check out that developing line of baldness and the few stubborn hairs determined to give you a mullet.

Yes, mirrors are mesmerizing at this age.


I left the long little wings on the side to help cover any future balding you might experience 🙂

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